Cold Heading Wire

CWI Cold Heading material is used extensively in the manufacturing of fastening systems such as but not limited to rivets, fasteners, pins, screws, bolts and washers. Central Wire draws material for cold heading applications from 0.040 inches to 1.000 inches (1.02 mm to 25.4 mm). We can offer 100% DFARS as required. The broad range of coatings and lubricants, coupled with superior metallurgical consistency, ensure peak performance under demanding conditions of heat and pressure. Central Wire’s molybdenum disulfide coating decreases the coefficient of friction as heading and extrusion forces increase. In effect, the harder you work, the harder it works for you. The copper-moly coating has a shiny black appearance, is securely bonded to the wire surface, and formulated specifically for the most difficult cold and warm-formed parts. For less complex applications, CWI’s Techcote™ wire is unsurpassed for consistency.

Cold Heading / Forging
Hot Heading
Security fasteners
Blind rivets
Aerospace Fastening Systems

Oil & Gas

Heat-treated wooden boxes are available upon request.
Custom packaging available 

Cold Heading Wire in Aerospace

Cold Heading Wire in Aerospace Video Transcript
We support the aerospace industry right down to the nuts and bolts. Central Wire is a supplier of stainless steels and nickel-based alloys, primarily for the fastener industry used in cold heading, warm heading, hot heading and hot forging. Bolts, rivets, nuts, screws with a primary focus on aircraft, airframe, air fuselage, and aircraft engines. Central Wire earns customer trust because we operate to the highest standards. We are AS9100. We pride ourselves on good hires and good training. We believe that all of these things go into our product, and it shows in the quality we deliver. Choose Central Wire Industries for all of your fastener raw material needs.

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