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Oil and Gas

Construction Reliability and Consistency

In a labor-heavy industry like construction, employees and companies need materials that can last and perform. The construction industry relies on safety precautions and efficient work to get projects done well and on time.  

Below are our product lines that cater to the industry, and some of the applications of our products to the construction industry.  

Product Lines

Round steel bars

Bar Stock

Premium stainless steel and nickel bar stock manufactured up to 0.750” to customer specifications. Highly customizable for many end-use applications and mission critical industries. 

Assortment of metal bolts, nuts, and screws

Cold Heading Wire

Cold heading wire is available in stainless, nickel, and copper base alloys. Quality raw material for use as fasteners, blind rivets, screws and bolts. 

Demister Pad

Demister Pads

Custom demister pads manufactured in shapes including round, rectangle, ring and custom. Strong grid structure and ductility capabilities allow for consistent mist elimination. 

Fine wire manufacturing

Fine Wire

High quality fine wire produced in sizes from 0.001” up to 0.032” with custom sizes available by request. Tempers range from soft annealed to spring temper 

Knitted Wire Mesh

Knitted Wire Mesh

Wire filter mesh made from individual wires that are interlaced, or knitted, together. Loops are strategically woven to be able to move and stretch, with flexibility and durability to handle harsh applications. 

Structured Packing

Packing Solutions

Structured and random packing products perfect for robust mass transfer applications. Structured packing available in gauze, knitted, grid and sheet metal forms. Random packing available in materials like metal, plastic and ceramic. 

shape wire

Shaped Wire

Available in stainless, duplex, nickel, copper, brass and carbon alloys, our shape wire is custom manufactured in house to fit specific customer needs. The profile wire sizes we offer are 1.25mm² to 150mm ² CSA (Cross Sectional Area). 

Monel Spring Wire_Closeup

Spring Wire

Corrosion resistant spring wire comes in stainless steel and nickel alloys, boasting excellent coiling ability at high speeds needed no additional lubricant. Manufactured in sizes from 0.022” to 0.625”. 

Slickline Downhole Tool

SUPA® Slicklines

Manufactured to provide a continuous, weld-free, bright finish wireline available in a variety of lengths up to 40,000 feet. Corrosion resistant lines designed to go downhole in sour and sweet environments. 

Worker welding metal piping using tig welder

Welding Wire

Welding wire produced for various techniques including MIG, TIG and SAW welding. Available in stainless and nickel-based alloys. 

The oil and gas industry presents unique challenges, requiring materials with chemical and corrosion resistance to go along with consistent performance.

Let’s look at some of the applications of our products in the oil and gas industry.  

Product Applications

Oil and Gas rig pumping

Downhole Operations

Our GD™ – SUPA® slicklines can handle all the harshest oil and gas conditions, both on-shore and off-shore. Heavy breaking loads allow for heavy downhole performance. Multiple alloy options allow adaptably to different temperatures and applications. Our slicklines can be used for well measuring lines, in downhole applications and as electro-mechanical cable. 

Oil and Gas Drilling Rig

Mass Transfer

CWI’s structured and random packing product line excels in mass transfer applications in oil and gas columns. Reducing pressure drops, handling low and high liquid loads, and size and shape variety are just a few reasons to choose our packing solutions. Both structured and random packing increase surface area, thus facilitating more liquid-vapor contact within columns.  

Power Plant

Liquid-Gas Filtration

Our knitted wire mesh and demister pads create excellent liquid-gas filtration, especially in the oil and gas industry. Custom manufacturing, flexibility and strong metal alloys ensure successful filtration remains consistent in harsh conditions.  


Vessel Repair

Excessive repairs or material replacement is an obstacle in many industries, including oil and gas. Quality welds using the correct techniques and welding wire keeps oil and gas vessels from wearing down or breaking in robust filtration applications.