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Quality Wire Brush Stainless Steel, Brass, Nickel Silver & More

Explore our diverse selection of brush wire products in various alloys from stainless to brass. Tailored for industrial and DIY applications.

Brush Wire

Discover a wide range of brush wire products at CWI. We offer competitive prices, exceptional customer service, and ISO 9001 Certification.  CWI is committed to providing the highest quality products to our customers and constantly work to ensure that our quality systems are in compliance with industry standards. Our ISO 9001:2008 Certification demonstrates this unwavering commitment to quality. Continue reading to learn more!  

Quality Wire Brush: Stainless Steel & Brass, also available in various other materials. 

Applications of Wire Brush:

brush wire
steel brush wire

We cater to a range of applications with our brush products, including:

Scratch Brush Wire
Drawn from hard wire and used in hand brushes for industrial applications. Ranging from .001″– 0.016″, this wire can be manufactured from most metals or alloys. These wire brushes are available in cut lengths or hanks.  

Power Brush Wire
Able to survive the rigors of surface conditioning with its high fatigue life. Often used in manufacturing and excellent for removal of burrs and sharp edges, greatly increasing safety. A variety of sizes and materials are available to meet all surface conditioning needs. Available in cut lengths, hanks, spools or multi-stranded on spools.

Crimped Wire 
Crimping increases column strength, improving brush performance and making it suitable for the toughest jobs. Available in nearly any metal or alloy; in cut lengths, hanks, spools, or multi-stranded on spools.

Straight and Cut Lengths 
Available in a large range of sizes and alloys. Straightened and cut to a specific length or wire hanks.

Retaining Wires 
Attaches brush wire filaments inside of brush channels, with a typical DIA of 0.028”– 0.125” Available in 304, 304HQ, 316 Stainless, and others upon request.

Stranded Wire 
Large sets of wires grouped together before being put up on spools are offered in sizes from .001″ – .020″ and arrangements with as little as two and as many as 1,400 wires.

Winding Wire 
Used to attach bristles to a handle; available in many sizes and materials, on spools or coils.


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Quality Wire Brush | Stainless Steel & Brass alongside numerous other materials:

Stainless and Nickel Alloys
Wire is available in nearly any variety of stainless steel, including 302, 304, 305, 316, Inconel®, etc.

Phosphor Bronze (Phos Bronze)
The alloy is often Alloy 510. Comprised of 95% copper and 5% tin, it’s highly conductive, has great fatigue life and low elastic modulus. Corrosion resistance and high tensile strength make this an excellent choice for wire brushes.

Wire brush is offered in Brass, specifically Alloy 260, which is comprised of 70% copper and 30% zinc. Corrosion-resistant, highly conductive, and used in the manufacture of all brass brushes.

Low Carbon Steel
0.15 carbon maximum and drawn solely from zinc-coated low carbon steel, this develops into a medium tensile, corrosive-resistant, high-quality product used in the manufacture of wire brushes.

High Carbon Steel
Carbon C1071 produces high tensile, high-quality, and high-fatigue brush material.

Nickel Silver
NiAg 745 is a commonly used white alloy made of 10% nickel, 65% copper and 25% zinc. Increased corrosion resistance and tensile strengths are indicative of the nickel content. Often used as brush fill and in staples. 

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