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Cold Heading Wire: High-Quality Raw Material for Fasteners & More

Discover CWI's top-grade cold heading wire, your essential raw material for producing fasteners like blind rivets, screws, and bolts.

Interested in learning about the technical details and taking an in-depth look at our alloys used in cold heading wire? Check out our brochure below!

Cold Heading Wire: High-Quality Raw Material for Fasteners & More!

Our Cold Heading material is used extensively in the manufacturing of fastening systems such as but not limited to rivets, fasteners, pins, screws, bolts and washers. We can offer 100% DFARS as required and the broad range of coatings and lubricants, coupled with superior metallurgical consistency, ensure peak performance under demanding conditions of heat and pressure. 


chain steel | cold heading

Our Cold Heading Wire is manufactured from various alloys, including:

• 300 & 400 Series 

• 13-8 Mo, 15-7 Mo 

• 因瓦36 

• A 286/660 

• Monel® 400,  K500, X750

• Inconel® 600, 718

• 17-4

• Copper Base Alloys Available


screws | cold heading

The copper-moly coating on our wire securely bonds to the wire surface, and formulates specifically for the most difficult cold and warm-formed parts, allowing for a range of application use:

冷Head /锻造









car |

Our cold heading product is used in a variety of industries, including but not limited to:




• Oil & Gas


Packaging & Brochure Details

CWI has numerous options for packaging your cold heading wire products:

• Coil


• Heat-Treated Wooden Boxes (Upon Request)

• Custom Packaging

 If you are looking for more specific details about our cold heading wire, download our 8 Page Brochure.

Cold Heading in Aerospace

我们支持航空航天业,直至细节。 Central Wire 是不锈钢和镍基合金的供应商,主要用于紧固件行业的冷镦、温镦、热镦和热锻。螺栓、铆钉、螺母、螺钉,主要用于飞机、机身、机身和飞机发动机。 Central Wire 赢得了客户的信任,因为我们以最高标准运营。我们是AS9100。我们以优秀的员工和良好的培训而自豪。我们相信所有这些东西都会融入我们的产品中,并体现在我们提供的质量上。选择 Central Wire Industries 满足您对紧固件原材料的所有需求。

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