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Resistance Wire Alloys: Nichrome, Copper, & More

Discover our versatile range of resistance wire alloys, including nichrome & copper alloys for heating coil solutions and beyond.

CWI manufactures resistance wire from: 0.001″ up to .0808” with tempers ranging from annealed to full hard. We offer resistance tolerances per the American Wire Gauge values as follows:
± 5% 15-36 gauge | ± 8% 37-41 gauge | ± 10% 42 gauge. Additionally, we have a range of resistance alloys in stock.  

Resistance Wire Alloys for Heating Coil Solutions & More!


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We have a range of alloys available, including:

Copper Nickel Alloys:
RA-30 (UNS C70200-A)
RA-60 (UNS C70500-A)
RA-90 (UNS C70700-A)
RA-180 (UNS C71100-A)
RA-294 (UNS C72150-A)

Nichrome Alloys:
R-41 (UNS N07041)
RA-650 (UNS N06003-A)
RA-675 (UNS N06004)-A

Chrome Aluminum Alloys:
RA-815 (UNS K92400-A)
RA-872 (UNS K92500-A)
RA-875 (UNS K92500-A)

More Resistance Wire Alloys:
RA-10 (UNS C1100-A)
RA-57 (UNS N02200-A)
RA-120 RA-260 (UNS K95050-A)
RA-433 (UNS S30400-A)
RA-750 (UNS K91670-A)
Oxygen Free Copper C10200-A
Commercial Bronze C22000-A
Brass C24000-A, C26000-A
Phosphor Bronze C50900-A, C51000-A
Nickel Silver C74500-A, C75700-A
• Stainless 330 S33000-A



Resistance wire can be used in a vast range of industries, such as hospitality, cookware, & more. Applications include:

• Electric Ovens

• Dishwashers

• Hair Dryers

• Furnaces

• Hot Sealer Wire

• Hot Cutting Wire

• Electric Resistors

Heater Coil Wire

• Other Appliances  


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CWI has numerous options for packaging your resistance products:

• Reels

• Spools

• Coils

• Bobbin

• Carrier

• Custom Packaging


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