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Aerospace Innovation & Success

Aerospace is a mission critical industry requiring products that never fail. Whether it is making sure that passengers feel safe, or ensuring planes can ascend and descend successfully, our AS9100 certified products serve this industry with excellence.  

We manufacture our aerospace products to the highest standards, as there is no room for error. We proudly domestically manufacture mission critical components that aerospace companies can consistently rely on.   

Below you can see our product lines catering to the industry and some of the applications of our products in the aerospace sector.  

Product Lines

Round steel bars

Bar Stock

Premium stainless steel and nickel bar stock manufactured up to 0.750” to customer specifications. Highly customizable for many end-use applications and mission critical industries. 

Various cable assemblies on a black background

Cable Assemblies

Custom cable assemblies crafted with precision and expertise. Our aircraft, military, and commercial cable assemblies are all highly customizable, and are durable enough to withstand demanding applications.    

CNC machining process

CNC Machining

Custom CNC manufacturing can use many different alloys including stainless steel, aluminum, brass, bronze, copper and nickel. Custom parts are tested in-house to ensure quality, and precise machining produces the perfect product every time  

A factory worker wrapping coated cable around a spool

Coated Cable

Involves a meticulous process of extruding a plastic jacket onto aircraft cable or wire rope, to enhance durability, functionality, and improve aesthetics. More resistant to abrasion than ordinary cables and adds resilience for harsh conditions.  

Assortment of metal bolts, nuts, and screws

Cold Heading Wire

Cold heading wire is available in stainless, nickel, and copper base alloys. Quality raw material for use as fasteners, blind rivets, screws and bolts. 

Copper wire

Copper Wire

CWI red metals are available in a variety of high-performance alloys. Copper’s conductivity and antibacterial properties make it applicable for resistance wire, fine wire, knitted mesh and medical wire applications.    

fine wire manufacturing

Fine Wire

High quality fine wire produced in sizes from 0.001” up to 0.032” with custom sizes available by request. Tempers range from soft annealed to spring temper 

Spring Wire

Spring Wire

Corrosion resistant spring wire comes in stainless steel and nickel alloys, boasting excellent coiling ability at high speeds needed no additional lubricant. Manufactured in sizes from 0.022” to 0.625”. 

Our AS9100 certified aerospace products are manufactured with excellence, ready to take on the challenges that this mission critical industry presents. With the industry’s largest assembly inventory, we are able to produce custom assemblies for aerospace in a timely manner. 

Product applications throughout the aerospace industry include:

Product Applications

Jets flying over the clouds

Flight Control

Rudders, ailerons, elevators and more components that dictate a plane’s direction are controlled from the cockpit by cable assemblies. Throttle controls use cable assemblies as well, relying on quality cables for consistent and smooth acceleration. Mid-air alterations that keep flights on track, and make pilot’s jobs easier, are powered by aircraft cable.  

Jet engine

Fasteners & Engine

Bar stock products are both highly customizable, and highly reliable, being manufactured from AS9100 certified metals. Whether it’s the little fasteners that keep the plane together, or the more complex engine parts that ensure take-off, descension and everything in between is done efficiently, you can trust CWI bar stock.  

Close up of a heating panels inside a heater

Thermal Management

Copper wire is employed in heat transfer applications, like thermal straps and thermal conductivity enhancers. Its high thermal conductivity allows for efficient heat transfer and dissipation and contributes to safe and comfortable thermal management in aerospace systems.  

airplane landing gear

Landing Gear

One of the most important machineries in an aircraft, landing gear is supported by many product lines CWI provides. Our spring wire has the coiling capabilities to absorb the shock of a landing and reduce the strain felt by passengers.

Our durable coated cables help initiate and retract landing gear effectively, ensuring there is no risk of a malfunction on ascension or descension. Bar stock metals comprise the beams, axles and shafts within the landing gear, with corrosion resistance and fatigue resistance promising consistent performance that never fails.  

Passenger service panels dropped for maintenance in the interior of a commercial Passenger airplane.

Emergency Systems

Our durable cable assemblies and coated cable products can be used for safety and emergency systems in aircrafts. If you’ve ever heard a pre-flight speech about emergency procedures, you’ve heard mention of a product we can provide. 

Emergency exits and masks stored above seats are a few examples of safety precautions that would be opened or released by our cable products. With how critical these measures can be, having quality cables involved is crucial.  


Bushings, Hardware

CWI custom manufacturing allows us to provide many smaller hardware components to the aerospace industry. From bushings to bearings to nuts and bolts, our CNC machining capabilities can be used to create the perfect product for any application. 

Bushings and bearings help limit friction, and we can also manufacture the exact screw, nut or bolt needed to keep structural components together, and maximize the function of all the technology within an aircraft. 

Airplane under maintenance

Structural Parts

Much of the structure of an aircraft can be produced from bar stock metal alloys like stainless steel and aluminum. The fuselage (main body) and wings of a plane use these metals for their lightweight structure, corrosion resistance and durability to withstand weather obstacles, long flights, heavy loads and the many other challenges of this mission critical industry.  

Our AS9100 certified locations have many certifications, listed here: 

Loos Naples – Naples, Florida 




Covers wire rope terminals designed for attachment to wire rope by swaging 


Turnbuckles, Positive Safetying, General Specification intended for use in the construction of aircraft and aircraft accessories 


Clip Locking, Clevis Fork 


Fork End Fittings 


Eye End Fittings 


Turnbuckle, Eye End (For Pin) 


Turnbuckle, Clip Locking, Eye End (For Wire) 


Stud End Fittings 


Locking Stud End Fittings 


Double Shank Balls 


Single Shank Balls 


Turnbuckle Bodies 


Locking Clips 


Oval Sleeves 


Loos & Co. – Pomfret, Connecticut 





Wire rope, flexible, for aircraft control (supersedes MIL-W-83420, MIL-C-5424 and MIL-W-1511) 



Wire rope, non flexible, for aircraft application (supersedes MIL-W-87161, MIL-W-5693 and MIL-W-6940) 



Cable, steel (corrosion-resisting, non-magnetic) flexible, preformed (for aeronautical use) (supersedes MIL-W-18375) 



Cable, lockclad, for aircraft control 



Wire Rope Assemblies, Aviation, Swage Type 



Wire ropes, stainless steel preformed, non-rotation, for aircraft rescue hoist and cargo handling (winching) (supersedes MIL-W-83140) 


Wire rope and wire rope assemblies; single leg-corrosion resisting steel, minesweeping 


Federal Specification for Wire Rope and Strand 


Wire Rope Assemblies; Aircraft, Proof Testing and Prestretching 


 Strand Core – Milton, Florida 




Wire rope, flexible, for aircraft control – supersedes MIL-W-83420, MIL-C-5424, and MIL-W-1511 


Wire rope, non flexible, for aircraft application – supersedes MIL-W-87161, MIL-W-5693, and MIL-W-6940) 


Cable, steel (corrosion-resisting, non-magnetic) flexible, preformed (for aeronautical use) – supersedes MIL-W-18375 


Wire ropes, stainless steel preformed, non-rotation, for aircraft rescue hoist and cargo handling (winching) – supersedes MIL-W-83140 


Wire rope and wire rope assemblies; single leg-corrosion resisting steel, minesweeping 


Federal Specification for Wire Rope and Strand