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Copper Wire in Music

Copper music wire is made for strength and flexibility. For added brilliance and projection, consider a CWI red metal wire. These wires can be used for piano, organ, guitar, violin, and many other stringed instruments. Music wire can withstand high tension and rugged use, reducing replacements, and saving you money over time.


There are many benefits to using copper wire in musical wire.

  • Corrosion-resistant: When it comes to keeping your music instruments in ideal condition, consider a high-quality durable wire that’s corrosion and rust resistant.
  • Ductility: For music wire that’s soft on the hands, flexible, and malleable, choose a red metal wire. In addition, annealed copper has often been used in winding wire because of its ductility.
  • Brilliant: Music wire material is often on full display for musicians. Aside from its chemical properties, copper alloys offer brilliance and shine.
  • Hand-held string instruments: Most guitar wire is composed of copper. Copper wire offers good elasticity and acoustic fidelity for guitar players.
  • Music Wire Springs: Copper wire is an ideal choice for music wire for springs. Music wire spring material offers flexibility to fit into tight spaces.
  • Pianos: About a third of a piano is strung with copper-wound strings. The extra mass of the copper helps creates lower pitches in this application.

Central Wire is a music wire supplier that offers single strand and multistrand options. Depending on the music wire properties you require, we can help you find the perfect copper wire product.

Fine Wire

CWI manufacturers fine wire in dimensions from 0.001” (0.0254mm) up to .032” (0.0812mm). Contact a salesperson to determine your needed wire gauge. Our fine wire is often also used in medical applications.

Spring Wire

Our copper spring wire exhibits excellent coiling ability at high speeds. Tensile strengths range from gull soft to full hard “spring temper.” Standard wire manufacturing is in sizes from 0.022” (0.60mm) up to 0.625” (20.00mm).


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