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Copper Wire in Healthcare

Copper wire is well-suited for applications in the medical field. Our medical grade round or flat braiding wire stands for quality above all else. We produce copper wire for healthcare in applications like endoscopics, orthodontics, orthopedics, surgical closures, surgical instruments and vascular.

There are three common uses copper wire in healthcare for Central Wire wire and cable. Professionals in the healthcare industry often use wire for: cabling/electrical/mechanical uses; braiding and tubing; and device/instrument components.


There are many benefits to using copper wire in healthcare.

  • Antimicrobial: Copper has long been known to have sanitary properties.
  • Non-magnetic: For complex electrical circuit boards, consider a non-magnetic conductor for high-performance.
  • Corrosion-resistant: When it comes to saving lives, a high-quality durable material matters.

Copper Wire in Healthcare Cabling/Electrical/Mechanical Uses:

Copper wire is found in many applications and systems in a hospital or doctor's office, from the circuity in the building's electrical grid to the guidewires used in catheterization. 

Braiding and Tubing:

Copper is an ideal choice for medical tubing extrusion. Our braiding wire is strong enough to withstand a wide variety of medical applications without issue.

Copper Wire in Healthcare Device/Instrument Components:

From pacemakers to surgery robotics, copper can be a high-strength and non-magnetic choice for your instruments and devices. For more information about our medical line, visit the Loos & Co Medical Technologies Division.

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