Copper Wire in Aerospace

Galvanized or stainless steels are not the only options for aircraft wire and cable. Copper wire is an ideal choice for aerospace applications, especially for generators and data transfer parts. Because copper is also non-magnetic, this adds to its strictly electrical use and won’t damage or interfere with any of the flight equipment. Copper wire for aerospace is malleable, conductible and corrosion resistant.


There are many benefits to using copper wire in aerospace.

  • Non-magnetic: For complex electrical circuit boards, consider a non-magnetic conductor for high-performance.
  • Corrosion-resistant: When it comes to crucial aerospace and military applications, a high-quality durable material matters.
  • Malleable: Copper is a flexible alloy that meets all your hardness specifications.
  • Conductible: CWI offers more than mechanical wire and cable. Choose copper for its electrical benefits.

Copper Wire in Cabling/Electrical/Mechanical Uses:

Copper wire is found in many applications and systems in an airplane, from the circuity in the plane's electrical grid to the wire ropes and cables used on airplane doors.

Copper Wire in Device/Instrument Components:

From data transfer computers to motor rotor cores, copper can be a high-strength and non-magnetic choice for your instruments and devices. 

CWI red metals are drawn into many different types of wire. Aerospace industries take advantage of the following products:

Resistance Wire

CWI manufactures resistance wire from: 0.001" (0.0254mm) up to .0808” (2.052mm). Tempers range from annealed to full hard. This wire is most applicable in aircraft electrical components.

Fine Wire

CWI manufacturers fine wire in dimensions from 0.001” (0.0254 mm) up to .032” (0.0812mm). Our fine wire is often used in medical applications.

Knitted Wire Mesh

Our knitted wire mesh is available in bulk mesh, demisters and mist eliminators. Our specialty CWI Tech-Mesh line is available in several alloys.

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