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Stainless Steel Springs

17-7PH®, or Type 631 (UNS S17700), is a chromium-nickel-aluminum Precipitation Hardening Stainless Steel used in spring applications for numerous industries.  The alloy offers corrosion resistance comparable to 302, but it can achieve higher strength after precipitation hardening due to aluminum additions.

CWI is the leading producer of aerospace and commercial quality 17-7PH® spring wire in the U.S. and U.K.

CWI has decades of metallurgical experience with processing of 17-7PH® wire for spring applications.  This research and process development optimizes the microstructural characteristics of our 17-7PH® spring wire to be fully compliant with AMS 5678G. CWI has established tight controls on several wire-drawing parameters and laboratory microstructure evaluations to ensure that the product is fully compliant to AMS 5678G.

17-7PH® Composition

17-7PH0.091.000.0400.0301.0016.00 - 18.006.50 - 7.75--

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