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GEN C656 Welding Wire

copper welding wire


CWI Generation4™ Red Metal Alloys

GEN C656 Welding Wire is used for gas tungsten and gas metal arc welding of copper‐silicon and copper‐zinc base metals, to themselves and also to steel. It is generally best to keep the weld pool small and the interpass temperature below 150°F (65°C) to minimize hot cracking.  

All welding products are supplied with a certificate of conformance stating physical and mechanical properties including alloy chemistry. Every welding product is manufactured to have its own unique lot identification number for full lot traceability.

Multiple packaging and shipping options are available from our facilities in the US, Canada, and the UK. Learn more about our products, the industries and applications we support, and how CWI Generation4™ welding wire can work for you.

While you’re looking at welding wire, here are Three Reasons To Source Your Welding Wire and Demister Pads Together. By ordering all your turnaround supplies from CWI, you can reduce downtime, perform maintenance all at once, and work confidently knowing you are receiving only the highest quality products from a trusted manufacturer.

GEN C656 Composition

MnSiFeZnPbAlTotal Others
Max2.02.545 — 602.51.04.0Rem.0.030.50

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