CWI UK Capabilities: Premium Nickel Alloys, Profile Wire and More!

CWI UK Manufacturing: Nickel Alloys | Profile Wire and More!

The United Kingdom’s #1 choice for Nickel Alloys, Profile Wire, Spring Wire, Round Wire and more.

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For more than 60 years, Central Wire Industries has drawn on innovation to manufacture custom profile wires for a range of applications. From wedge wire for screens to fully custom shaped wire used in aerospace engines, the specialty profile wire we produce has the shape, edge, and tensile you need for your specialty products. Read on to find out about CWI UK manufacturing: premium nickel alloys and more! Central Wire Industries UK is where your ideas take shape!

Experts in Round Wire and Slicklines

Our global leadership doesn’t end with Profiled Wire. We manufacture Round Wire & Spring Wire in stainless steel, nickel, and red metal alloys from .005″ and larger with precise tolerances, and tensile strengths from full soft to spring temper. We support the oil and gas industry with our GD – Supa Slickline products shipped around the globe directly from our stock – stock located on two continents. Our CWI Generation4™ Welding Wire is an evolutionarily product produced to the highest quality standards for use in all industrial welding applications.

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Profiled/Shaped Wire

Manufacturing Standard & Non-Standard Shapes

CWI UK is the leading manufacturer of Profile Wire, Wedge Wire, and Custom Shaped Wire in a wide range of Stainless Steels / Super Austenitic / Duplex / Super Duplex / Nickel Alloys and other materials; all with a variety of tempers, finishes, coatings, and packages. In addition to standard forms, we also have the capacity to produce custom profiled wire.

GD™ - SUPA® Slickline Wireline

Manufacturing Slicklines for Oil & gas

The CWI family of GD™ – SUPA® slickline wirelines are recognized around the world for their superior engineering, quality, and reliability, Our slicklines are manufactured in the United States, Canada, and in the United Kingdom at our CWI UK Rotherham facility. These slicklines are manufactured from alloys designed to survive in the harsh and corrosive conditions that exist in oil, gas, and geothermal well environments. 

gd-supa slicklines
welding wire


CWI Generation4™: MIG, TIG, & SAW Welds

Our evolutionary CWI Generation4™ – specialty alloy welding products are manufactured with the highest quality raw materials, including; stainless, nickel, specialty nickel-chrome, cobalt and copper. Whether you’re a fabricator or a wholesaler, our welding wire is available to suit your project needs. MIG, TIG, and SAW weld types are all available, domestically manufactured in our ISO 9001:2015 certified facility. 

Specialty Stainless and Nickel Alloys

Premium Alloy Manufacturing: x750, Mp35N® & Beyond

At CWI UK, our diverse range of high-performance specialty alloys, includes:

  • Stainless 400 series
    • Cost-effective
    • Can be hardened by heat treatment
  • Inconel® X750
    • Withstands high temperatures
    • Resistant to stress corrosion cracking
  • Monel® Series
    • Withstands subzero temperatures
    • Corrosion resistant
  • MP35N®
    • Resists corrosion in hydrogen sulfide
  • 17-7 PH
    • High Tensile Strength
  • A286
    • Withstands high temperatures
    • High Tensile Strength
  • Hastelloy X®
    • Resistant to stress corrosion cracking

…and many more! These specialty alloys provide superior corrosion resistance, high strength, and excellent performance in extreme environments. CWI’s alloys are ideal for applications requiring durability and reliability, such as aerospace, chemical processing, and oil and gas industries. Browse an extensive list of our stainless  nickel 合金 below. 

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ISo9001 Certification, Non Destructive Testing & More

位于英国罗瑟勒姆的CWI UK工厂拥有质量管理体系ISO 9001:2015证书,该证书保持了BSI认证的质量管理体系,用于制造符合国家和国际标准以及客户要求的不锈钢丝和镍基合金丝,以及要求。 Download our ISO certification hereOur UK plant also conducts PPAP, IMDS Entry, & 3.2 Certification, and is a member of IST.

Facility Spotlight & Video Showcase

Wire manufacturing in rotherham

At our UK facility, we offer custom packaging options, including coils, spools, formers, and cut lengths, and cater to unique size requirements with our specialty alloys. Our commitment to quality is reflected in our ISO 9001 certification and meticulous manufacturing processes like rod processing, wire drawing, and annealing. Our dedicated team, proud recipients of the Queen’s Award for Enterprise in 2018, ensures exceptional products and services for all your needs. 

CWI UK Manufacturing: Nickel Alloys | Profile Wire and More!

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Our UK Manufacturing Team at Work!

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我们在关键任务应用程序中获得全球信赖,原因之一是:我们对质量的承诺。我们成熟的质量体系(包括ISO 9001,AS9100和ISO 13485)证明了我们为维持质量而创建的严格体系。



With 13 manufacturing facilities across the globe, we have the capacity to turn orders quickly, while maintaining the quality standards you expect. Don’t assume it can’t be done, contact us today for your delivery requirements. CWI UK Manufacturing: Nickel Alloys | Profile Wire and More! Get a quote below!





Nothing speaks to the level of precision and performance we can offer than our continued success in medical wire and cable. With full process control from wire rod to finished cable assembly, our focus is providing full compliance with the most exacting specification used in today’s medical devices. We offer the complete line of precious metals, from austenitic, ferritic, duplex, martensitic, and super duplex stainless steel alloys; cobalt and nickel based alloys, copper, silver plated copper, brass, bronze, and resistance alloys in diameters from 0.001″ (0.0889mm) up to 1.00” (25.4mm) on the industries widest range of packages including bobbin, carrier, coil, reel, spool, or your custom packaging requirement. Learn more by visiting our 劳斯公司., Inc. 医疗技术部。合金:304、304L、304V、316LVM、MP35N®、L605、17-7、铜、钴和镀银铜等。


在航空航天等任务关键型行业,可靠的产品是必须的。我们的棒材、电缆、配件、紧固件和电缆组件等都是保证货物和乘客在空中安全的关键部件。我们始终专注于商业和军用航空航天应用领域的卓越制造。中央电线集团公司自豪地拥有 AS9100 认证,我们遵循这些标准,不断推动航空航天工业的发展。从高效的飞行控制装置到保证飞机正常飞行的微小紧固件,我们的产品在众多产品中脱颖而出。我们在航空航天、军事和国防应用领域的影响力不断扩大,并不断满足各行业的苛刻要求。更多详情,请参阅我们的所有产品和合金。




No other market demands quite as much from its products. CWI has long been a participant in the manufacturing of specialty and exotic wire grades to meet the highly demanding requirements of extreme temperatures, strength retention, and reliability. We understand that our oil and gas customers are simultaneously pushing the limits of modern technology and battling the real life time constraints that can cost thousands of dollars per minute. This market needs professional service and product solutions. From demister pads and welding wire to downhole slicklines and cables for sour well monitoring, CWI offers a broad range of products to keep you on schedule no matter what the challenge. CWI alloys used in Oil and Gas Industries are: 316, 17-7 PH (631),  Inconel® 600, Inconel® 625, 718, MP35N®, X750, GD316™, GD22™ / SUPA40®, GD31Mo™ / SUPA75®, GD35Mo™, GD37Mo™, GD50™, and SUPA®-GD100™.

回顾我们的新 石油和天然气手册 具有钢丝、焊丝、异形线和针织丝网。


Our alloys combat the extreme, heavy duty conditions of mining and exploration. These applications require a combination of strength and exceptional corrosion resistance, especially where saltwater is involved. We provide a full range of high strength wires for solid-strand and stranded cabling applications. CWI alloys used in Mining / Exploration Industries are: 302S, 316, 317, Monel® 400, Monel® K500, Inconel® 600, Inconel® 625, MP35N®, X750, GD31Mo™ / SUPA75®, GD50™. Grades 316, 317, Alloy 50, and 904L have increased levels of molybdenum to resist pitting and surface attack.


海洋环境是腐蚀性最强的自然环境,而 CWI 拥有可应对这种环境的合金。使用优质不锈钢或镍合金可避免腐蚀或电线电缆故障,从而保护您的投资并延长使用寿命。我们提供各种船用电线电缆--从运行索具和固定索具到绑扎钢丝以及拖网和浮标/回收应用中的大型不锈钢钢丝绳。用于船舶工业的 CWI 合金有 316 317 Monel® 400 Monel® K500 GD50™。高级合金 400 和 K-500 主要由镍和铜组成,通常指定用于盐水应用中的冷成形螺栓、螺钉和其他紧固件。这些合金具有优异的耐腐蚀性,其中 K-500 由于添加了铝而通过时效硬化提供了额外的强度特性。




Central Wire为汽车行业提供多种线材产品。我们制造用于弹簧的线材,冷弯紧固件,用于排气系统吊架的成型线,用于刮水器的扁平线,滑动成型的线材组件,不锈钢棉线以及其他许多越野车辆使用的复杂零件。汽车工业中使用的CWI合金为302HQ,304、304L,305、316、409、409CB,410、430、431、434、17-7 PH(631),A286。

CWI UK Manufacturing: Nickel Alloys | Profile Wire and More!

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