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Welding Wire for MIG, TIG, & SAW Welding

Discover our specialized Welding Wire suitable for MIG, TIG, & SAW welds. Designed for superior strength and adaptability.

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Our welding wire is manufactured to your exact specifications, fulfilling a variety of filler needs for many technical processes. Whether you’re a fabricator or a wholesaler, Central Wire manufactures the MIG, TIG, and SAW welding wire you need.


Our welding wire is manufactured in our ISO 9001:2015 certified facilities in the U.S., Canada, and the UK. 

Welding Wire for MIG TIG & SAW Welding


Man welding

We manufacture welding wire suitable for different welding practices including:


Metal Inert Gas, also known as 气体 Metal Arc Welding (GMAW)


Tungsten Inert Gas, or Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW)

Submerged Arc Welding

Visit our 焊接类型信息页面 to learn more. 


CWI Generation4 ™ Stainless Steel and Nickel Welding wire alloys can be used with many different joint styles and welding processes. Once the weld joint style, the filler material, and the process has been identified, a proper welding procedure can be identified.

Some factors to consider when choosing your welding wire and procedure are:

• Voltage

• Amperage (Current)

• Gas (Atmosphere)

Visit our 推荐的焊接程序页面 查找有关在您的特定焊接应用中与我们的焊接耗材一起使用的电压、安培数(电流)和气体(气氛)的详细信息。 


Welding closeup

Our welding wire is available in a multitude of stainless 和 nickelbased alloys, including

• ER209 

• ER218 

• 309LMo 

• ER409NB 

• Specialty Nickel Chrome Alloys: 

– 276

– 622 

– 625 

– 686 

– Alloy 59


Man welding on an elevated structure

We manufacture welding wire that is suitable for a variety of industries where the highest levels of quality and safety are required. Our welding wire consumables are used in 行业 like: 

• 油和气 

• 食物和饮料 

• 汽车行业 

• 防御

• 核 

• 能源  

• 施工 

• 海军陆战队 

• Rail 

• Structural Engineering 

• 制造业


For every welding application, Central Wire has a Generation4™ alloy that can meet your requirements. Some of the most common applications are: 

• 坦克制造

• 覆层/覆层

• 化学加工

• 管子

• 水轮机

• 消声器

• 泵和阀门

• 低温焊接

• Boats and Barrages

• Fuel Lines

• Engine Parts

• Tubing 

• 水轮机


Welding Rods

No matter your packaging needs, Central Wire can provide customized solutions to fit your applications. Multiple packaging and shipping options are available from our facilities in the US, Canada, and the UK, including:

• 卷盘

• 线轴

• 鼓/鼓包

• 管子

White Labeling



We have a wide range of literature to assist you with your welding wire purchase. Our literature includes:



焊接Gen4 2020手册

不锈钢焊丝 SDS(法文)

镍合金焊丝 SDS(法语)

Welding Wire and Tech-Mesh Brochure

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