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CWI 在 3 个国家/地区设有 13 个地点,拥有 750 多名员工和 60 多年的卓越成就,是市场领导者,拥有最广泛的镍、不锈钢和红色金属高性能特种合金。我们生产超细钢丝、异形钢丝、钢丝绳股等。我们拥有当今市场上最广泛的饰面和包装。

正在寻找英国同行的产品? 英国中央电线工业有限公司 总部位于英格兰罗瑟勒姆,提供异形线、钢丝、圆线等。


We are dedicated to delivering adaptable, premium quality products through innovative and eco-friendly manufacturing practices. We believe in the power of investing in our people and expanding into new markets, all with the aim of achieving operational excellence and making a meaningful impact on our customers and the industries we serve. 


To become the global leader in wire and cable solutions, empowering our customers by unlocking infinite possibilities for their advancement and success.


This is a comprehensive list of all of CWI’s current and past acquistions.

2018 Loos&Co Inc.
2016 年 桑洛
2015 亨佩尔电线有限公司
2014 股芯
2010 特许特种钢铁公司-威斯康星州丰杜克
2005年 Techalloy,Inc.
2003年 绿化唐纳德
1998 Nucor-南卡罗来纳州兰开斯特
1989 国家过滤