Bar Stock

Central Wire manufactures bars up to 0.750 inches (19.05 mm) to your specifications for parameters such as tensile strength, Rockwell hardness, diameter tolerance, and length. Material is usually supplied to 12 foot (3.65 m) random lengths. When required, bars are supplied centerless ground to meet high custom tolerances.

The through-feed centerless grinding process ensures high productivity. The object being ground is held between two grinding wheels during the centerless grinding process. One of the wheels remains stationary and serves as a stabilizer, while the other wheel moves slightly and aids in the regulation of the grinding process. Material is bundled by individual lot to ensure full traceability back to the mill source.

  • Long, round bars are ground using the thru-feed grinding method. The workpiece (bar) is fed into the grinding machine, pulled past the grinding wheel by the regulating wheel, and then flies out on the opposite side. Long bars and tubes are commonly used in automotive and engineering applications.
  • For grinding steel materials with relatively complex shapes and geometric figures, the infeed grinding method is used. To allow the abrasive cutting motion to remove excess parts, the workpiece is held stationary in the blade. The machine can grind even the smallest diameters thanks to three-point positioning. Best suited for camshafts and gear shafts.


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Bar Stock in Aerospace

Bar Stock in Aerospace Video Transcript
We support the aerospace industry right down to the nuts and bolts. Central Wire is a supplier of stainless steels and nickel-based alloys, primarily for the fastener industry used in cold heading, warm heading, hot heading and hot forging. Bolts, rivets, nuts, screws with a primary focus on aircraft, airframe, air fuselage, and aircraft engines. Central Wire earns customer trust because we operate to the highest standards. We are AS9100. We pride ourselves on good hires and good training. We believe that all of these things go into our product, and it shows in the quality we deliver. Choose Central Wire Industries for all of your fastener raw material needs.

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