Cable Assemblies

CWI cable assemblies are a critical element in both the highly specialized aircraft industry and on mission critical military applications. Because of our experience and proven attention to the highest level of quality assurance, we supply nearly all major military and commercial aircraft manufacturers.   We offer a full line of custom cable assemblies in a wide variety of bare and coated cable configurations, with the capability to produce assemblies for every application in a timely, cost sensitive manner.

Cable Diameter Size Range:

Stainless Steel Cable: .018” to 3/4”
Galvanized Steel Cable: 1/32” to 1”
Thermoplastics Extrusion (Vinyl and Nylon): over 1" - 1/8")

Presentation Available: Reels, Cut Lengths, Custom Assembled: To your exact specifications.

Customized Options Available

Strand, Aircraft Cable, & Wire Rope:

Galvanized Steel and Stainless Steel
Thermoplastics Extrusion Coatings: Galvanized Steel (Vinyl and Nylon coating)
Stainless Steel (Vinyl and Nylon coating)
Coating colors available to match your requirements.

Wire Rope Terminals, Custom Assemblies & Lanyards:

Threaded Studs, Eye End, Fork End, Ball & Single-Double Shanks, Strap-Fork End, Strap-Eye End
Lanyards : Stainless Steel and Galvanized Steel Lanyards; Eye-Eye, Loop-Eye, Loop-Loop and Loop-Loop-Tab.

Fittings and Tools:

Compression Sleeves (Ferrules): Aluminum, Zinc Plated Copper
Stops: Zinc Plated Copper
Thimbles: Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel
Rope Clips: Malleable Iron.
Cable Cutters and Crimp Tools


Military Vehicles
Stage Rigging
Exercise equipment

Oil + Gas
Commercial Aersopace
Military Aerospeace


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