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Stainless Welding Products

CWI Generation4 ™ Stainless Welding consumables meet or exceed the standard requirements of many stainless steel and high alloy welding applications, and we certify it. Consumables ship from stock in a variety of packages, depending on your requirements or specific application. Select from our range of products below, all of which are manufactured to conform with applicable AWS, ASME, or UNS standards. Choose Central Wire Gen4 Stainless Welding consumables for their proven performance, and let us show you the value that quality, experience, and customer support can provide.
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Welding Nickel Wire
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CWI Generation4 ™ Stainless Welding consumables offer a variety of alloys with particular attributes to meet your product or application requirements. Whether you need corrosion resistance, strength, or ductility, we have a product that will exceed you expectations. And when the proper welding process is used, there is little that our collection of austenitic, martensitic, ferritic, duplex, and precipitation-hardening alloys can’t accomplish. Below is a chart of standard Stainless Steel Welding Wire alloys that we offer from stock:
Stainless Welding Wire Consumables Data Sheet

Typical Chemical Composition of Gen4 Stainless Steel Wires

ProductSpecifications - AWS A5.9CMnSiFeCrMoNiNb+TaNSPCuFN
GEN 307*0.076.600.90Bal18.708.900.0070.0155
GEN 308/308HER308H0.051.650.46Bal20.459.850.0050.0168
GEN 308/308LER308L0.0191.720.46Bal20.8010.100.0030.0138
GEN 308LSI (FM 308LSI)*ER308Lsi0.0161.6350.85Bal20.6510.000.0080.0168
GEN 309/309LER309L0.0211.750.51Bal23.4012.700.0060.01412
GEN 309Si/309LsiER309Lsi0.0191.850.84Bal23.5012.950.0040.01210
GEN 310ER3100.111.900.40Bal38.1020.950.0030.0120
GEN 312ER312.0111.640.44Bal29.608.900.0120.01730 min
GEN 316/316LER316L0.0161.870.48Bal19.322.2513.200.0100.0196
GEN 316LSI (FM 316LSI)*ER316Lsi0.0221.800.85Bal19.252.4512.600.0040.0138
GEN 317L (FM 317L)*ER317L0.0171.660.44Bal19.403.2513.850.0060.0126
GEN 320LRER320LR0.0251.600.05Bal19.602.5034.100.250.0010.0073.400
GEN 330ER3300.231.950.42Bal15.9535.200.0050.0140
GEN 347ER3470.041.650.52Bal19.909.750.720.0050.01410
GEN 385ER3850.0192.050.35Bal20.504.6025.100.0150.0141.600
GEN 409NbER410NiMo0.050.620.48Bal11.500.350.0160.018
GEN 410ER4100.110.450.39Bal12.500.0100.014
GEN 410NiMoER410NiMo0.020.450.40Bal11.800.554.500.0090.012
GEN 420ER4200.290.450.35Bal13.200.0080.014
GEN 430ER4300.070.440.36Bal16.500.0100.014
GEN 430LCbER430LCb0.010.510.40Bal18.200.400.0080.020
GEN 630ER6300.030.540.43Bal16.490.204.780.220.0210.0173.60
GEN 2209ER22090.0161.040.45Bal22.403.208.500.180.0170.01440 min
GEN 2594ER25940.071.001.00Bal25.503.959.250.250.0100.0250.5040 min
*EN ISO 14343