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Swaging & Crimp Tools for Cable Sleeve Crimping

Explore our premium range of Swaging & Crimp Tools designed for efficient and reliable cable sleeve crimping with custom options available!

Dedicated to domestic manufacturing, our Locoloc® Hand Swaging Tools are meticulously crafted in the USA at our Naples, Florida facility. Built for durability in demanding applications, these high-quality tools precisely fit cable sleeves from 1/32″ to 1/2″. We also offer custom swaging tools solutions allowing you to trust Loos & Co. for all your tooling needs. Looking to start a project and need guidance? Call us at +1 (239)-409-0041 and one of our staff members will assist you.  

Swaging & Crimp Tools for Cable Sleeve Crimping

Our Top Selling Tools

The 0-3-SBHS-R is an outstanding small handheld tool making it ideal for splicing eye, and lap sleeves and swaging smaller sleeves.

The 1-3-SBHS is a compact handheld device ideal for splicing eye and lap sleeves, as well as swaging smaller sleeves with ease.

The 0-1/4 tool makes eye, lap, and stop sleeve splicing of cables sure and easy. It’s “over-center” leverage design feature transmits a powerful snap-action to the final thrust of the jaws.

loos & co net clip tool

The SL-7510-CP3 battery powered wire rope net clip tool primarily attaches net clips to cable to make grid type nets. It is portable and sturdy, allowing efficiency across your project.

The #1-SC streamline cable splicing, offers powerful “over-center” leverage for tight, clean compression. Designed for Copper and Aluminum, they include a gauge and allow easy adjustments.

The #3-H exerts 14 tons of pressure. It had an advanced-retract control feature for the ram that is located in the moveable handle. The “C” head allows full visibility of the working area.

We offer a variety of tools such as:

Locoloc® Handswagers:

#000-WCI, #1-3-SBHS#0-3-SBHS-R0-1.5-3FS, 0-3/64SC, 0-1/16SC, 0-3/32SC, 0-1/8SC, 0-5/32SC, 0-3/16SC, 0-7/32, 0-1/4, 0-9/32, 0-5/16, #1-SC, #3-H, #1-BSC

Battery Powered Handswagers:

SL-7NDK-R, SL-C7510

Netclip Tool: 


Through our partnership with FELCO® we offer:

C3, C7, C9, C9B, C12, C12B, C16, C16B, C108, C112, CP, CDO Barbed Wire Cutter


Construction worker

Prensado & Crimp Tools for Cable Sleeve Crimping can be used in a vast range of industries:

• Construction

• Automotive

• Industrial and Manufacturing

- Marine and Rigging

• Sports and Entertainment Rigging

How to's:

How to use a Locoloc® #1-SC Multi-Cavity Swager/Crimper – for 1/16″ – 3/16″ Cable

How to use a Loos & Co. Battery Powered Wire Rope Net Clip Tool SL-7510-CP3

How to use a Loos & Co. Locoloc® #1-BSC Bench Swager

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