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Welding Wire Cross Reference

CWI Generation4™ Welding wire is manufactured to meet a range industry and regulatory specifications. Whether your requirement for welding consumables called to American Welding Society (AWS), American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), or Unified Numbering Systen (UNS) call outs, CWI Generation4™ can provide those certifications. Finding the correct alloy based on a required specification can often require research into chemical compositions, data sheets, and various manufacturers’ practices. We decided to do that research for you! Below you will find a cross reference between the CWI Generation4™ Welding Wire alloy and the applicable AWS, ASME, or UNS material. If you have any questions, please contact our material and applications experts today.
Welding Wire Cross reference
CWI Generation4™ Welding Wire Cross Reference Guide

Stainless Generation 4 Welding Products

Gen4 ProductAWSA5.9/5.9MASME SFA-A5.9UNS
GEN 30718 8 Mn18 8 MnN/A
GEN 308/308HER308, ER308HER308, ER308HS30880
GEN 308/308LER308LER308LS30883
GEN 308LsiER308LSiER308LSiS30888
GEN 309/309LER309LER309LS30986
GEN 309LsiER309LSiER309LSiS30988
GEN 309LMo***
GEN 310ER310ER310S31080
GEN 312ER312ER312S31380
GEN 316/316LER316LER316LS31683
GEN 316LSiER316LSiER316LSiS31688
GEN 317LER317LER317LS31783
GEN 320LRER320LRER320LRN08022
GEN 330ER330ER330N08331
GEN 347ER347ER347S34780
GEN 385 (904L)ER385ER385N08904
GEN 409NbER409NbER409NbS40940
GEN 410ER410ER410S41080
GEN 410NiMoER410NiMoER410NiMoS41086
GEN 420ER420ER420S42080
GEN 430ER430ER430ER430
GEN 630 (17-4PHER630ER630S17480
GEN 2209 (Duplex)ER2209ER2209S39209
GEN 2594 (Super Duplex)ER2594ER2594S32750
* GEN 309LMO is similar to ER309LMo a with lower chromium and higher nickel content.

Nickle Generation 4 Welding Products

Gen4 ProductAWS A5.14ASME SFA-5.14UNS
GEN 55ENiFe-CIENiFe-CIW82002
GEN 208ERNi-1ERNi-1N02067
GEN 276ERNiCrMo-4ERNiCrMo-4N10276
GEN 413ERCuNiERCuNiC71581
GEN 418ERNiCr-3ERNiCr-3N04060
GEN 606ERNiCr-3ERNiCr-3N06082
GEN 617ERNiCrCoMo-1ERNiCrCoMo-1N06617
GEN 622/625LHIW*ERNiCrMo-10ERNiCrMo-10N06022
GEN 625/625LHIW*ERNiCrMo-3ERNiCrMo-3N06625
GEN 718ERNiFeCr-2ERNiFeCr-2N07718
GEN 825ERNiFeCr-1ERNiFeCr-1N08065

Copper Generation 4 Welding Products

Gen4 ProductAWS A5.7ASME SFA-5.7UNS
Deoxidized Copper (C189)ERCuERCuC18980
Silicon Bronze (C656)ERCuSi-AERCuSi-AC65600