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Exceptional Coated Cable for Fitness & Aircraft

Explore our top-tier coated cables, designed for unmatched durability and flexibility. Ideal for fitness equipment, aircraft, marine, & more.

Our coated cable solutions involves a meticulous process of extruding a plastic jacket onto standard aircraft cable or wire rope, to enhance the cable's durability and functionality, alongside improving aesthetics. Our coated cable not only adds a layer of protection against abrasions but also ensures resilience in harsh environmental conditions.

Product Lines:

With the capability to coat cables ranging from 1/32" to 1 3/8" in size, we offer a diverse selection of jacketing materials, including our specialized LOLON® series. Check out our range of coated cable product lines below!

Coated Aircraft Cable

Plane on Tarmac

Our aircraft cable is a highly durable and flexible cable designed for various high-strength applications, including aircraft systems, automotive uses, and lifting applications.

The coating on our product contributes to the cable’s overall performance and durability, making it suitable for harsh or demanding environments. To view a full list of materials and construction sizes we manufacture to, check out our detailed table!

Fitness Cable: ExerflexPRO®

Exerflex Fitness | Coated Cable

We have been the trusted source for high-quality fitness cables, with our EXERFLEXPRO® brand coated fitness cable. Favored by leading fitness manufacturers for over a decade, this cable is designed and made in the USA, enhancing the exercise experience through its smoothness and flexibility.

Our fitness cable is manufactured with 7×19 construction, preformed galvanized steel with a black nylon jacket, unless otherwise specified. Check out our available sizes here!

Canveyor® Conveyor Cable

Canveyor | Coated Cable

Our Canveyor® Conveyor Cable with Lolon® Coatings sets the standard for durability and reliability in the conveyor industry. For nearly four decades, we’ve committed to producing the highest quality conveyor cables to ensure minimal downtime and maximum efficiency for your line.

Kobra Koils

Kobra Koils | Coated Cable

Our KobraKoils® are designed with exceptional versatility for various applications such as bicycle locks, tool balancers, dog leashes, trailer safety cables, restraint cables, and retractable tie-down cables. 

Available in both jacketed or bare cable configurations, they can be customized in any color, length, and with any hardware attachment to meet your specific needs.


reflexlite | coated cable

Reflexlite® is reflective wire rope, designed to significantly enhance safety by improving visibility in low light or nighttime environments. This innovative cable features a light-reflective coating, making it ideal for delineating hazardous areas with its visibility from several hundred feet away.

Armor Wrapped Cable

Armor Wrapped Cable

Central Wire Group of Companies’ armor-wrapped cable, also known as tow target cable, is crafted for use in the most abrasive environments. It starts as a standard cable but is then fortified by wrapping and swaging a flat strip of metal around its exterior, significantly enhancing its durability and lifespan. 

Our armor wrapped cable can be manufactured in just about any construction and configuration in sizes ranging from 1/16″ to 5/16″.  For added protection and weatherproofing, it can also be jacketed in a variety of materials from vinyl to nylon. 

Mooring & Oceanographic Cable

Global leader in Custom Cable Assemblies: Marine

We offer specialized mooring and oceanographic cable designed for durability and reliability in diverse marine environments. These cables, with a 3×19 construction using galvanized wire and a standard polypropylene black jacket, are engineered for spin and corrosion resistance.

Mooring & oceanographic cables are perfect for buoyed monitoring equipment, functioning across a wide range of conditions from warm tropical to cold unforgiving waters. 

Industries & Applications

The many product lines of our Premium Coated Cable for Fitness & Aircraft, & beyond caters to a wide range of industries and applications. Below is a few examples of how each of our coated cable product lines are used in industries: 

Coated Aircraft Cable:

  • Flight & Automotive Control Systems
  • Cargo Restraint Cables
  • Aircraft Grounding and Tethering
  • Emergency Exit Mechanisms
  • Support Cables (Architectural, Aerospace, Marine, & More!)

EXERFLEXPRO Fitness Cable® for Repair Professionals & OEMs:

  • Weight Machines
  • Resistance Training Equipment
  • Cable Crossover Machines
  • Cardio Equipment

Mooring & Oceanographic Cable

  • Buoy Moorings for Weather & Research
  • Oceanographic Research Equipment
  • Marine Data Anchoring
  • Subsea Monitoring Instruments
  • Deep Sea Exploration Equipment

Canveyor® Cable:

  • Material Handling Conveyors 
  • Packaging Lines
  • Food Processing Conveyors
  • Airport Baggage Handling Systems
  • Mining & industrial Conveyors


  • Bike locks
  • Dog Leashes
  • Restraint Cables
  • Tie-Down Cables for Cargo
  • Trailer Cables


  • Tower Guy Wires
  • Roadside Guardrails
  • Mine Safety Lighting
  • Safety Barriers
  • Reflective Off-Road Trail Markers

Armor Wrapped Cable:

  • Aerospce Towing
  • Marine Anchoring
  • Mining Operations
  • Hoisting & Lifting
  • Machinery Control Cables

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