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Premium Stainless Steel & Nickel Bar Stock

Explore our Bar Stock products, offered in various exceptional materials such as X750, stainless steel, and nickel alloys.

Bar Stock

Do you know about the superior quality of our Premium Stainless Steel & Nickel Bar Stock? Our bars are manufactured up to 0.750 inches to customer specifications. Central Wire’s state-of-the-art equipment allows superior quality control, making us a leader in specialty products. Our bars are manufactured in our AS9100 Certified, Perris California location.

Stainless steel & Nickel Alloys:
Monel® x750, Inconel® 625, & more

Bar Stock: Screws

Our bar stock primarily focuses on DFARS Compliant stainless & nickel alloys, including:

•15-7 Mo; 17-4PH; 302HQ; 303; 304/304L; 305; 321; 347; 410; 430L; 431
A286; 13-8 Mo; 316/316L

And specialty alloys including:

• Inconel® 600, 625, & 718

• Invar 36

• Monel® 400 and K500; X750

• Copper Plated Bars Available Upon Request

Centerless Grinding

Specialty Bar Stock: Centerless Grinding

One of the most crucial elements to make Central Wire a global leader in Specialty Bar Stock is our through-feed centerless grindingThe process is extremely precise as the workpiece is constantly fed through the machine between the grinding wheel and the regulating wheel. Long bars and tubes are commonly used in automotive and engineering applications. 

The precision allows for exact customer dimensions & tight tolerances to be met, alongside improved surface finish. Some of the parts our bar stock is used for include:

• Bearings & Bushings

• Engine Components

• Fasteners

• Landing Gear Components


Windmill Field

One of the areas we are most excited about at Alambre central is our investments in new technology for bar stock manufacturing. Our recent acquisition of a centreless grind allows bar manufacturing with minimal raw material waste. The new air and coolant filtration process guarantees cleaner air in the environment. Additionally, our high-grade metals provides extended durability meaning your final product will be built to last. 

Our precise manufacturing capabilities allows for components manufactured from bar stock to be used in a variety of applications including:

- Aeroespacial

• Automotive

• Industrial

• Oil & Gas

• Renewable Energy

Bar Stock Applications & packaging options

CNC Machining Parts

Premium Stainless Steel & Nickel Bar Stock is used in a variety of applications. Three main applications include:

Rumbo en frío
- Rumbo caliente

• CNC Machining

We offer two main packaging options:

- Caja de madera
- Caja de cartón
- Embalaje personalizado bajo pedido

How our premium Bar Stock is Used in aerospace

Apoyamos a la industria aeroespacial hasta en los tornillos y tuercas. Central Wire es un proveedor de aceros inoxidables y aleaciones a base de níquel, principalmente para la industria de sujetadores utilizados en la estampación en frío, la estampación en caliente, la estampación en caliente y la forja en caliente. Pernos, remaches, tuercas, tornillos con un enfoque principal en aviones, fuselajes de aviones, fuselajes de aviones y motores de aviones. Central Wire gana la confianza del cliente porque operamos con los más altos estándares. Somos AS9100. Nos enorgullecemos de las buenas contrataciones y la buena formación. Creemos que todas estas cosas forman parte de nuestro producto, y se nota en la calidad que entregamos. Elija Central Wire Industries para todas sus necesidades de materias primas para sujetadores.

Looking for More Information about Bar Stock or Stainless & Nickel Alloys such as X750? Check out our Cold Heading & Bar Stock Brochure

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