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Singapore Airshow 2024

CWI, Loos & Co Inc., & Strand Core, Global Leaders in Aerospace Manufacturing, Assemblies, Bar Stock, Aircraft Cable, Fasteners, Wire Rope & More. Exhibiting at Singapore Airshow 2024.

Jets flying over the clouds at sunset

Join us at Singapore Airshow 2024 the 20-25th of february, Booth C-U87!

hangi Exhibition Centre, Gov't of Ontario Pavillion, Booth C-U87.

Cable Assembly

Are you planning to join us at the Singapore Airshow?

This event serves as a gathering for key players in the global industry, showcasing cutting-edge technological innovations.

We believe you’ll be thoroughly impressed by our offerings, which boast superior manufacturing, quality, and capabilities, all duly acknowledged through industry certifications.

Pre-book a visit with our team down below!

We’re eager to discuss everything related to wire!

Whether it’s your requirements, challenges or questions, we are here to provide valuable insights into why we stand as a global leader in wire manufacturing.

Let’s connect and delve into the world of wire together!