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Nickel Welding Products

CWI Generation4™ Nickel Welding consumables meet or exceed the standard requirements of many high temperature or corrosion resistant alloy welding applications, and we certify it. Consumables ship from stock in a variety of packages, depending on your requirements or specif application. Select from our range of products below, all of which are manufactured to conform with applicable AWS, ASME, or UNS standards. Choose CWI Generation4 ™ Nickel Welding consumables for their proven performance, and let us show you the value that quality, experience, and customer support can provide.
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Welding Nickel Wire
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CWI Generation4™ Nickel Alloys are used in a variety of applications that require extreme thermal and/or corrosion resistance beyond what is achievable with stainless steel alloys. CWI Generation4 ™ Nickel Welding consumables are available in a wide range of Nickel Wire Alloys for use with all conventional welding processes. Below is a list of the standard nickel welding consumables we stock, and their typical chemical composition:
Stainless Welding Wire Consumables Data Sheet

Typical Chemical Composition of Gen4 Nickel Welding Consumables

ProductSpecifications - AWS A5.14CMnSiFeCrMoNiNb+TaWSPAlTiCu
GEN 550.050.250.1543.6055.90
GEN 72ERNiCr-40.0343.60Bal0.50
GEN 99ERNiCl (AWS AS.15)
GEN 208 (FM 61)ERNi-10.060.300.400.1095.500.0030.0080.503.0<.15%
GEN 276ERNiCrMo-40.010.550.045.5015.5516.10Bal3.650.0020.009
GEN 413 (FM 67)ERCuNi (AWSA5.7)0.750.100.551.00.0060.35Bal
GEN 418 (FM 60)ERNiCu-70.053.450.770.4065.200.0020.0090.102.25Bal
GEN 606 (FM 82)ERNiCr-30.032.850.221.1020.4072.902.500.0010.003
GEN 617 (FM 617)ERNiCrCoMo-
GEN 622/622LHIW (FM 622)*ERNiCrMo-100.0080.200.043.1021.5013.50Bal3.500.0020.0058
GEN 625/625LHIW (FM 625)*ERNiCrMo-30.0090.050.120.6221.908.6564.503.700.0020.0060.170.19
GEN 686ERNiCrMo-
GEN 718 (FM 718)ERNiFeCr-
GEN 825 (FM 65)ERNiFeCr-10.010.450.2529.021.503.1042.600.0010.0150.101.02.0
*Low Heat Input Wire