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Eccellenza del filo: Metalli di rame, ottone, bronzo, nichel e zinco

Explore our comprehensive range of wire products crafted from premium metals, including copper, brass, bronze, nickel, and zinc.

Copper Wire spools

CWI red metals are available in a variety of alloys to meet all of your requirements, regardless of application. Each alloy offers different benefits and advantages. Multiple packaging and shipping options are available from our facilities in the US, Canada, and the UK. Learn more about our products, the industries and applications we support, and how CWI red metals can work for you, below. 

Wire Excellence: Copper, Brass, Bronze, Nickel, & Zinc Metals


Copper Wire Cable Construction

Our red metals are manufactured in a range of different materials. Not sure which is best for your application, click the alloy to learn more!

- Copper: C101, C102, C110

- Brass

- Bronze

- Nickel

- Zinc 


Copper Bar Stock

CWI red metals are drawn into many different types of wire. There are even several different applications that go into CWI products, including:

Filo di resistenza

CWI manufactures resistance wire from: 0.001″ (0.0254mm) up to .0808” (2.052mm) Tempers range from annealed to full hard.

Filo sottile

CWI manufacturers fine wire in dimensions from 0.001” (0.0254 mm) up to .032” (0.0812mm). Our fine wire is often used in medical applications.

Rete metallica a maglia

Our knitted wire mesh is available in bulk mesh, demisters and mist eliminators. Our specialty CWI Tech-Mesh line is available in several alloys.

Filo medico

For tubing, braiding, core wire and other uses, a CWI medical wire is the ideal choice


strings - fine wire

Our manufacturing of Wire Excellence: Copper, Brass, Bronze, Nickel, & Zinc Metals allows our products to be used in a variety of industries, including but not limited to:

- Aerospaziale

- Costruzione

- Medico

• Music


prodotti per il magazzino

CWI has numerous options for packaging your red metal products:

- Mulinelli

- Bobine

• Drums/Drum Packs

• Tubes


Understanding Copper Price Volatility

filo di rame

Copper metals are often thought to be one of the more expensive alloys on the market. While it might be true that scrap copper metal piping is one of the more expensive metals commonly found in homes, copper is not one of the most expensive metals available on the market. It is, however, the third most highly used metal in the world. Demand continues due to renewable energy projects and electric cars for copper wire resistance. As demand continues, copper price volatility and the price of copper has only increased in the last 50 years.

The pricing of metal is determined by a few different factors. Copper wire price per pound is determined mostly by b. In the short-term, however, the costs are determined by the financial market, hedge funds, political risks and government policies. As is the case with most metals, changes in pricing due to market volatility is common.

CWI is a copper supplier that offers competitive pricing by producing the best material in-house from start to finish. From rod processing to spooling and packaging, Central Wire offers competitive bulk copper wire pricing. As you consider copper distributers near you, contact a CWI salesperson to find the copper market price today and buy copper wire.

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