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Lashing Wire & Tie Wire Solutions for Utility and Telephone Poles

Discover top-tier lashing wire & tie wire solutions manufactured for utility and telephone poles. Ensure fastening with our premium products.

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Lashing wire alloys are used in the fabrication of pole line hardware. We manufacture lashing wire in the USA and can offer 100% melt from the USA when required. Our wire is designed to withstand tension and provide long-lasting support for cables. We offer our lashing & tie wire in the standard diameters: 0.038″, 0.045″, 0.062″, and 0.065″. 

Les alliages

We have a range of stainless alloys available for our products. Using stainless steel allows our wire to be durable, ensuring longevity. Check out our list of stainless steel alloys offered below:

Stainless Alloys:


• 304

• 316

• 430


The main industry that relies on our lashing wire is industrial. More specifically, for pole line hardware. Our wire is used to secure/lash telephone wires together.

Keeping these wires secure is crucial so they do not have any type of movement that would impact signal or outages. Secure poles increases safety during environmental hazards where poles could be in danger of collapsing. Additionally, maintenance and repair is less frequent when poles are safely secured and are not required to be constantly adjusted. 

Alongside telecommunications, our lashing & tie wire can find use in various building trades such as construction & masonry. 


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CWI has numerous options for packaging your Lashing & Tie Wire solutions for Utility and Telephone poles:

• Standard Coil Lengths: 1200ft and 1600ft.

Flagged Coils

Custom Lengths



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