MDFW 2021

Our staff are experts in wire and cable products, and often visit local, national and international tradeshows and conferences. See below to review all our tradeshow appearances and connect with Central Wire sales representatives.

With 13 locations in 3 countries, 750+ employees and over 60 years of excellence, CWI is a market leader having the widest range of high performance specialty alloys in nickel, stainless and red metal. We manufacture ultra-fine wire, shaped profile wire, wire rope strands and more.

While we were eager to attend the Mid-West Fastener Association's 39th annual tradeshow and the International Fastener Expo 2021, we ultimately decided to postpone our involvement this year because of the coronavirus. However, we are happy to offer our expertise in the fastener business. At Central Wire Industries, we produce bar stock and cold heading wire used in critical fastener applications all over the world. We often serve the aerospace, automotive, oil & gas and industrial markets. See below for some resources for your fastener business.


                  Stainless steel shaped wire   




We are hopeful to attend an upcoming tradeshow or conference in the near future. Until then, are you interested in learning more about our bar stock or cold heading wire? Our knowledgeable sales department can answer all your questions. We can custom produce products for your fastener needs. Email our sales department today!


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