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Why Choose a Battery Swager Over a Hand Swaging Tool?

Benefits of a Battery Swager

battery swager

Hand swagers are great swaging tools when you are looking for a reliable, economical solution. However, sometimes you may just want simple and that’s where battery swagers come in! Battery swagers often save you more time and effort to complete tasks around the job site, combining the capability of multiple hand swaging tools in one. 

When deciding whether it is worth investing in a battery swager, it is important to understand the benefits. What extra investment goes into the purchase comes back in efficiency and results. So, why choose a battery swager over a hand swaging tool? Here is a compact list of a few key benefits that having a battery swager presents.

Physical Exertion

One drawback from using a hand swager is the physical effort required for crimping. Instead of repeated use of force which can be extremely tiring, a battery swager uses a motorized crimping action, limiting physical strain.  

Time and Efficiency

Using a battery swager doesn’t just save energy, it saves time. Crimping speeds with a battery swager are much faster than a hand swager, increasing productivity. With repetitive use, hand crimping can also become a slow process because of fatigue.  

Consistency and Precision

Whenever you are using a tool that requires manual use like a hand swager, there is a risk of less precise work. The uniform motorized crimping action in a battery swager ensures more precise work with each use.  

Multiple Tools in One

battery swager die sets

Having the Locoloc® SL-7NDK-SB battery swager doesn’t just replace one hand swager, it replaces multiple tools. Available for purchase with this product is multiple dies which allow the ability to swage four different sizes. Rather than hauling multiple tools to different sites for work, replace it with the versatile Locoloc® SL-7NDK-SB to bring a new efficiency and convenience to crimping jobs. 

Accessories on the Locoloc® SL-7NDK-SB battery swager:

At Loos Seismic Bracing, we understand that when buying a battery-operated swaging tool, you will need to have more than just the tool, which is why we include numerous accessories with your purchase.  

We provide a carrying case and a carrying strap with your tool, meaning you can easily transport your swager between jobs. We also provide two BP-185 Lithium-Ion Batteries and a battery charger. However, if you need to swage different size oval sleeves, our dies are sold separately. This tool, if purchased along with the other dies, becomes a four in one.  

battery swager accessories

Importance of Machine Maintenance:

To ensure you get a prolonged life out of your battery swager, you can take a few maintenance steps. 

  • Lubricate all moving parts 
  • Keep all bolts tight  
  • Use the proper adjustment when swaging.  


Follow these steps to prolong the life of your swager and maximize its performance.  

Where to Find our Battery Swager

If you are looking for a battery swager with numerous features, multiple included accessories, and easy maintenance for long service life, choose the Locoloc® SL-7NDK-SB battery swager. If you want to learn more about our battery swager, check out our product page aquí. Alternatively, if you have any questions, our team is happy to help! Reach out to us by phone at 1-800-321-LOOS (5667). 


Still think you might prefer a hand swaging tool? If you’re still asking; why choose a battery swager over a hand swaging tool, that’s okay too! Loos has the ability to manufacture custom hand swaging tools to provide you with all the benefits you need, in one easy solution. Begin your project with us today by submitting your project description here!