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High-Tension Spring Wire For Any Application

Springs are a universal solution for a variety of modern products ranging from the high-tension performance requirements of heavy equipment and transportation to the rapid flexing and space constraints in electronics and other small objects. 

Due to the variety of springs used within varying applications, engineering challenges may arise with manufacturers. We have the products to solve these challenges. Our spring wire is manufactured to perform with enough strength, resilience, and environmental resistance in all sizes and applications. 

Harsh industry conditions require quality metal materials that you can trust. Look no further than our spring wire product line for durability, strength and resilience to the most demanding of conditions. 

Central Wire Group of Companies manufactures nickel and stainless-steel spring wire used in industries such as oil and gas, agriculture, mining and more. 

When the need for tensile strength is high, our products spring into action! 

Continue reading to learn more about our high-tension spring wire for any application. 

coiled springs

Compression Capabilities

Strong compression spring wire can handle a heavy working load without deteriorating. Withstanding harsh conditions with durability is a key to any CWI manufactured product. Let’s take a dive into the qualities that shine in our spring wire product line: 

Fuerza de Tensión

In spring wire applications, handling weight or pressure is a key to effective performance. Tensile strength, or high-tension resistance, is a non-negotiable for spring wire to execute in its applications. 

Defined as; the maximum stress a material can handle while being stretched or pulled before breaking, tensile strength is a main quality of our nickel and stainless-steel spring wire. 

Whether it be holding up a structure, or ensuring safety in mining or oil and gas, the strength of our spring wire provides safety and peace of mind.  

Any application where a metal is required to be in motion repeatedly, comes in contact with harsh materials, or operated outdoors can cause corrosion to the product. 

The excellent corrosion resistance of our spring wire promises long-lasting performance, withstanding the challenges its main industries can present. 

Aesthetic and functional damage is avoided with the superior metals we use to produce spring wire.  

torsion springs

Coiling Ability

Smooth performance of spring wire products is driven by not just the strength of the metal, but the flexibility that defines it as a spring. 

Our spring wire offers excellent coiling ability at high speeds, rarely requiring extra lubrication. Beyond just saving time and money, this coiling ability results in less stress on the materials and preserves equipment life for longer. 

Fluid functionality and long-lasting efficiency are provided by the excellent coiling ability of our spring wire products.  

Spring Wire Industries:

The high-tension resistance and reliability of spring wire make it a performer in a wide variety of industries. With high corrosion resistance and metals that don’t wear down, it can handle indoor and outdoor applications, regardless of the harsh conditions that may arise. 

Let’s look at a few industries our spring wire supports, and how it shines in each. 


Spring wire plays a pivotal role in the agriculture and food processing industries. It is often used for fencing and gates, as well as inside of harvesting equipment. In processing facilities, conveyor belts, trays and grates all contain spring wire. 

The corrosion resistance spring wire possesses allows for long-term performance in these outdoor applications, where weather can be an obstacle.  

farm fence


Stainless steel spring wire is used in the architecture industry because of its durability. Stainless steel not only adds aesthetic and functional value to architecture, but it can also withstand the challenges of moisture and temperature changes too.  

Stainless steel stays vibrant over time, giving structures a continuous new and modern look. The coiling ability and high maximum stress that our spring wire can handle allows the consumer to trust that structures will remain intact.  


Due to the corrosive environment of the marine industry, 300 series stainless steel is a common material used for spring wire. Our products are manufactured to withstand the salt and moisture exposure of shoreline and open sea environments.  

Mooring lines are a specific application where spring wire shines. Securing vessels to docks and piers requires durability and strength, two qualities of our stainless-steel spring wire.  


Products used in the mining industry need to be able to withstand crushing forces, intense vibration, and heavy weight. CWI manufactures stainless steel and nickel spring wire engineered to hold up in these specific conditions. We are also able to customize our spring wire to fit the needs of specific mining applications. 

Heavy-duty machinery like suspension and hydraulic systems, as fall as safety measures like fall protection systems rely on the mechanical support qualities in our spring wire products.


Petróleo y gas

Oil and gas applications have very challenging working conditions, so the spring wire used in these industries must meet the work demands needed. In these industries, high-strength alloys are preferred, including 300 series stainless steel.  

Many downhole tools and safety measures use spring wire products for consistent performance. Incredible strength and durability allow consumers to trust our product when safety is on the line.  


Customized spring wire is common in the petrochemical industry because of varying environments. Whether working in small spaces to capture contaminants and particles or working in larger spaces to handle large volumes of liquid, CWI can manufacture custom spring wire to fit your exact specifications.  

The potential corrosion damage from harsh chemicals can destroy a metal’s ability to perform, unless you use the superior metal alloys CWI provides.  

Spring Wire Alloys we Provide

Central Wire Group of Companies manufactures spring wire in standard and specialty alloys from 300 and 400 series stainless steel to X750, MP35N® and other high Nickel Inconel® and Monel grades.  

We have a highly knowledgeable metallurgical team that can assist you with any questions you may have, as well as offer material solutions for your application.

High-tension spring wire for any application, here at CWI!

Learning More and Purchasing

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