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Filo per molle: X750, MP35N e altre leghe ad alte prestazioni

Looking to discover how our spring wire stands up to the toughest jobs in aerospace, oil & gas, and beyond? Discover what metal alloys of spring wire we provide, what role spring wire plays in different industries, and other customization options we have available to ensure you are getting the perfect product for your projects!  

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Spring Wire Alloys

Central Wire offers a variety of spring wire alloysHere is some of the extensive list of options we provide:  

High Performance Nickel Alloys Include:

  • X750   
  • MP35N  
  • Inconel 600, 625, 718  
  • Monel 400, K500  


High Strength and Stainless Steel Alloys

  • 300 and 400 series  
  • 17-7PH®  
  • Nitronic® 50  

Copper Alloys are also available upon request  

When choosing materials and specific alloys, you need to consider a couple of factors, such as:  

  • Corrosion resistance – If a spring is affected by corrosion, the durability and performance will be compromised. Stainless steel is a good choice for avoiding corrosion, specifically Grade 302 as it contains slightly more nickel than others. As stainless steel does not degrade quickly or corrode easily, stainless steel is often used in the architecture industry.  
  • Environmental factors – Another factor in choosing a specific material for your spring wire is the environment in which it will be used. Nickel Alloys, such as Inconel, can handle extreme and high-temperature environments, for use in industries like aerospace.  


We have access to global stocks of Monel, Inconel, and Duplex Spring Wire, so if it’s not in our warehouse, we can still have it shipped to quickly and efficiently.   

What Industries Use Spring Wire:

Durable, reliable, high-quality Spring Wire is used in a variety of formats and applications. Often going unnoticed in some of the most critical industries, including: Aerospace  

The aerospace industry requires materials that can withstand extreme environments and difficult tasks. This is why spring wire, specifically our nickel alloys are perfect. Nickel’s high temperature resistance allow it to thrive in these conditions.   


Spring wire is used both out in the field and in the food processing industry. Farming resources such as livestock fencing, gates and harvesting equipment feature spring wire, as does processing equipment like conveyor belts, sterilizing trays and grates.  


The architecture industry requires materials that are able to withstand temperature changes and moisture, regardless if the application is interior or exterior. For this reason, stainless steel wire is often used for its durability, and that stainless finish keeps structures looking new even as they age.  


marine industry

Marine industries and applications require corrosion resistance because of salt and moisture exposure. One of the most common materials used for shoreline and open sea products is stainless steel wire, particularly the 300 series.   


Materials in the mining industry are tasked with large amounts of weight, crushing forces and vibrations. Stainless steel and nickel alloy spring wire are used not only for the mining processes, but within mineral processing and sorting as well.  

Oil and Gas

oil and gas industry

Similar to the mining industry, stainless steel and other high-strength spring wire alloys are used in the oil and gas industry, as it can handle rigorous working conditions without fail.  

Coating Options:

We also provide custom coatings if your application requires them. We offer:  

Techcote™: A non-metallic, soap lubricant coating that enhances consistency and easy removal. Available on wires with a diameter range of 0.022″ go 0.0625″.  

TechBrite™: A coating that creates a mirror like finish on bare bright drawn wire. Typically, experts recommend this specialty coating for applications that need a brighter, shiny appearance. Available on wires with diameters from 0.020″ to 0.125″.  

Nickel Flash: A coating that provides higher corrosion resistance for spring wire applications. Available on select alloys and sizes.   

Copper With Soap: A coating available in diameters ranging from 0.020″ to 0.0625″ and on wires already drawn with Techcote™.”  


Packaging Options:

Standard packaging options include: 

  • Spools 
  • Reels 
  • Coils 
  • Bobbins 
  • Need your spring wire in a different size, material, or package? CWI can easily customize our spring wire to fit your specifications! 

Ordering the Right Spring Wire Alloys

Central Wire Industries offers customers from stock spring wire that is manufactured to withstand the challenging conditions in a variety of applications and industries. Produced using high-quality stainless steel, nickel, and specialty alloys, CWI’s spring wire can be used in any application where you need reliability.   

We offer our spring wire in a variety of sizes and materials, which can be shipped directly from stock. If our in-stock options don’t fit your application, don’t worry, we can customize our spring wire to fit your application specifications!   

All of our products can be certified to ASTM A313 or other industry specs. Want to learn more about CWI’s spring wire? Visit our product page qui.   

Ready to submit your spring wire quote? Click qui to fill out our quote form. Have any questions? Contact our sales team directly via email; [email protected] or by phone (800) 435-8317.