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Central Wire is one of North America’s fastest growing wire manufacturers, drawing a broad range of stainless steel wire, nickel wire, and red metal wire. Our products include bar stock, fine wire, shaped wire, cold heading wire, spring wire, wire rope, welding wire and more. With over 60 years of experience, we are able meet your custom product requirements from wire diameter to packaging options.

Wire Division Capabilities

fil de barre

Our specialty metal bars are manufactured up to 0.750 inches to customer specifications in our AS9100 Certified, Perris California location.

Fil de fil froid

CWI Cold Heading material is used extensively in the manufacturing of fastening systems such as but not limited to rivets, fasteners, pins, screws, bolts and washers.

Fil de cuivre

Our revolutionary copper wire products are manufactured with the highest quality raw materials from copper, brass, bronze, zinc, copper nickel and nickel silver alloys. 

Fil fin

CWI produces a full line of stainless steel, nickel, copper, and specialty alloy fine wire and ultra fine wire. We are able to produce sizes from: 0.001”  up to .032” 

Treillis métallique tricoté

Our superior quality Tech-Mesh™ products are crafted with precision and expertise in our Houston, TX facility. Tech-Mesh™ products include: Knitted Wire Mesh & Custom Demister Pads.

Fil d'arrimage

CWI lashing wire is used throughout America in the utility and telecommunications industries to bring and support aerial cables or a combination of cables to a supporting strand.

Fil de résistance

We produce resistance wire in a variety of alloys for a variety of applications including: heater coils for electric ovens, dishwashers, washers and dryers, hair dryers, heaters and other appliances.

Fil en forme

As a world leader in manufacturing high quality round and profiled shaped wire, we manufacture in a wide range of materials – Stainless Steels, Duplex steels, Nickel Alloys, Copper, & more.

Fil à ressort

Central Wire produces a full line of economical corrosion-resistant stainless steel and nickel alloy spring wire, produced for the performance required in a range of applications.


Central Wire produces a full The CWI GD™ – SUPA® Slicklines are engineered for oil, gas, and geothermal applications and are designed to provide a continuous, weld-free, bright finish wireline.

Fil de soudage

Our evolutionary CWI Generation4™ specialty alloy welding products are manufactured with the highest quality raw materials including; stainless & nickel and many other materials. 

Rope & Assemblies Division Capabilities

Aircraft Cable

Central Wire Group of Companies (CWGC) manufactures and stocks aircraft cable to commercial & military specs in stainless steel, galvanized carbon steel, and various other alloys.

Brush Wire

With over 60 years of experience, the Loos and Company Jewel Wire Division has been manufacturing custom brush wire products to perform under the harshest situations. 

Ensembles de câbles

With over 50 years of experience, CWGC is a market leader in custom critical cable assemblies for aerospace, defense, and commercial applications. Our cable assemblies are used in critical applications.

Usinage CNC

Loos Precision Products (LPP) is the global leader in CNC Part Machining. Our range of equipment allows us to machine parts down to exact specifications with tight tolerances. Look no further for custom parts.

Fitness Cable

For more than a decade, the world’s leading fitness manufacturers have relied on our fitness cable, EXERFLEXPRO® as the ONLY cable used in their equipment. Our fitness cable is also used by repair pros. 


Our fittings are qualified under MIL-DTL-781 & MIL-DTL-8878. Specializing in MS, AN & NAS parts, our stainless steel hardware has earned the reputation of having the finest quality in our industry.

Shearing Knives

Our BrushKing™ products ensure you can meet all your shearing and farming needs for a range of industries and applications; including cannabis cultivation, tree shearing, vineyard farming & more.


For years, Esheaves has been the number one source for the wire rope industry, developing and providing custom engineered wire rope QSheaves™ that meet your needs. We also supply Mil-Spec pulleys. 

Contreventement sismique

We manufacture and sell pre-stretched, color-coded, break strength certified Seismic Bracing Cable for earthquake resistance of architectural & other components.

Stainless & Alloy Wire

For half a century, CWGC has pioneered and thrived in the highly critical profession of wire drawing for use in commercial, military, aerospace, and specialty industries. 

Swaging Tools & Fittings

We offer several cable end fittings and tools to terminate your custom cable assembly. Our standard line of fittings is comparable to most offerings on the market.

Wire Rope & Strand

We manufacture and stock wire rope in stainless steel, galvanized carbon steel, and a variety of other alloys. We can provide custom products, configurations, and processes.

Vivre l'excellence


Qualité supérieure

Partout dans le monde, nous faisons confiance aux applications stratégiques pour une raison: notre engagement en matière de qualité. Nos systèmes qualité matures, notamment ISO 9001, AS9100 et ISO 13485, attestent des systèmes rigoureux que nous avons créés pour maintenir la qualité. 


Délais rapides

With 13 manufacturing facilities across the globe, we have the capacity to turn orders quickly, while maintaining the quality standards you expect. Don’t assume it can’t be done, contact us today for your delivery requirements. 

Vos spécifications

Nos équipes d'ingénierie et de production disposent des processus et de l'expérience nécessaires pour répondre à vos spécifications à maintes reprises. Vous cherchez quelque chose de plus? Nous pouvons aussi vous aider. Envoyez-nous vos projets et nous le réaliserons pour vous. 


  • Médical

    Nothing speaks to the level of precision and performance we can offer than our continued success in medical wire and cable. With full process control from wire rod to finished cable assembly, our focus is providing full compliance with the most exacting specification used in today's medial devices. We offer the complete line of austenitic, ferritic, duplex, martensitic, and super duplex stainless steel alloys; cobalt and nickel based alloys, copper, silver plated copper, brass, bronze, and resistance alloys in diameters from 0.001" (0.0889mm) up to 1.99" (25.4,,) on the industries widest range of packages including bobbin, carrier, coil, reel, spoil, or your custom packaging requirement. Learn more by visiting our Loos & Co., Inc. Medical Technologies Division. Alloys: 304, 304L, 304V, 316LVM, MP35n®, L605, 17-7, Copper, Cobalt & Silver Plated Copper, and more. 

  • Aérospatial

    Our wire and cable are manufactured and processed to meet the most stringent aerospace industry requirements. "Seam Free" material can be finished with our full range of wire coatings. No other company can provide more military specification wire and cable products than the CWI family of companies. From specialty alloy bar stock for fasteners, to rescue hoist cable and flight control applications, CWI is the global leader in aerospace wire and cable product support. Most Mil-Spec products are stocked or available to quickly turn. We provide quick delivery, exceptional service, and technical knowledge to support your processing and product requirements. Our common alloys for the aerospace industry include: 302HQ, 316L, 13-8Mo, A286, Monel® 400, Monel® K500, Inconel® 600, 718, and Invar 36

  • Industriel

    With thousands of available products and configurations, we support most industrial applications, no matter the size or demand. After more than 60 years of industry experience, there are very few applications we have not seen. And for those we haven't, we have the engineering and quality staff to ensure that your next development project, your next major job, or maybe just the rush order for tomorrow's production goes off without a hitch. See all our available products and alloys for more detail. 

  • Oil + Gas

    No other market demands quite as much from its products. WI has long been a participant in the manufacturing of specialty and exotic wire grades to meet the highly demanding requirements of heat resistance, strength retention, and reliability. We understand that our oil and gas customers are simulatensouly pushing the limnigts of modern technology and battling the real life time constraints that can cost thousnads of dollars per minute. This market needs professional service and product solutions. From demister pads and welding wire to downhole slickliunes and cables for sour well monitoring, CWI offers a broad range of products to keep you on schedule no matter what the challenge. CWI alloys used in Oil and Gas industries are: 316, 17-7 PH (631), Inconel®, Inconel® 625, 718, MP35N®, X750, GD316™, GD22™ / SUPA40®, GD31Mo™ / SUPA75®, GD35Mo™, GD37Mo™, GD50™, and Supa®-GD100™.

    Pétrole + gaz
  • Exploitation minière

    Our alloys combat the extreme conditions of mining and exploration. These applications require a combination of strength and exceptional corrosion resistance, especially where saltwater is involved. We provide a full range of high strength wires for solid-strand and stranded cabling applications. CWI alloys used in Mining / Exploration Industries are: 302S, 316, 317, Monel® 400, Monel® K500, Inconel® 600, Inconel® 625, MP35N®, X750, GD31Mo™ / SUPA65®. GD50™. Grades 316, 317, Alloy 50, and 904L have increased levels of molybdenum to resist pitting and surface attack. 

    Exploitation minière
  • Marin

    The marine environment is the most corrosive natural environment, and CWI has the alloys to combat this environment. Protect your investments and get longer service life by using a top quality stainless or nickel alloy to avoid corrosion or wire and cable failure. We offer a wide range of marine wire and cable - from running and stayed rigging to lashing wire and larger stainless wire ropes for trawling and buoy/recovery applications. CWI alloys used in Marine Industries are 316 317 Monel®, 400 Monel®, K500 GD50™Premium alloys 400 and K-500, composed primarily of nickel and copper, are often specified for cold-formed bolts, screws, and other fasteners used in saltwater applications. These offer superior corrosion resistance with K-500 offering additional strength properties by age hardening due to the addition of aluminum. 

  • Construction

    When there are difficult and demanding construction schedules to meet, look to us for your solution. CWI products for stainless reinforced concrete and masonry, and soil stabilization utilizing environmental mesh, architectural mesh panels. stainless nails, and more. Infrastructure investments and civil engineering projects benefit from filtration wires and mesh, as well as stainless wire ropes in hoisting and dam gate applications. CWI alloys used in the construction industry are; 302S, 304, 316, 430. 

  • Automobile

    Central Wire fournit un certain nombre de produits de fil pour l'industrie automobile. Nous fabriquons des fils pour ressorts, des fixations formées à froid, des fils de formage pour des suspensions de système d'échappement, des fils plats pour essuie-glaces, des composants de fil profilés coulissants, de la laine d'acier inoxydable et d'autres pièces complexes destinées à être utilisées dans un certain nombre de véhicules tout terrain ou non. Les alliages CWI utilisés dans l'industrie automobile sont les suivants: 302HQ, 304, 304L, 305, 316, 409, 409CB, 410, 430, 431, 434, 17-7 PH (631), A286. 





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