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Wire Division Capabilities

Bar Stock

Alambre de rumbo en frío

Alambre de cobre

Alambre fino

Malla de alambre de punto

Alambre de amarre

Alambre de resistencia

Alambre en forma

Alambre de resorte


Alambre de soldadura

Rope & Assemblies Division Capabilities

Aircraft Cable

Brush Wire

Asambleas de cable

Mecanizado CNC

Fitness Cable


Shearing Knives


Arriostramiento sísmico

Stainless & Alloy Wire

Swaging Tools & Fittings

Wire Rope & Strand

Experiencia de excelencia


De calidad superior

Tenemos confianza en todo el mundo en aplicaciones de misión crítica por una razón: nuestro compromiso con la calidad. Nuestros sistemas de calidad maduros, incluidos ISO 9001, AS9100 e ISO 13485 dan fe de los rigurosos sistemas que hemos creado para mantener la calidad. 


Tiempos de entrega rápidos

With 13 manufacturing facilities across the globe, we have the capacity to turn orders quickly, while maintaining the quality standards you expect. Don’t assume it can’t be done, contact us today for your delivery requirements. 

Sus especificaciones

Nuestros equipos de ingeniería y producción tienen los procesos y la experiencia para desarrollar sus especificaciones una y otra vez. Buscando algo mas? Podemos ayudar con eso también. Envíenos sus diseños y lo haremos realidad para usted. 


  • Médico

    Nothing speaks to the level of precision and performance we can offer than our continued success in medical wire and cable. With full process control from wire rod to finished cable assembly, our focus is providing full compliance with the most exacting specification used in today's medial devices. We offer the complete line of austenitic, ferritic, duplex, martensitic, and super duplex stainless steel alloys; cobalt and nickel based alloys, copper, silver plated copper, brass, bronze, and resistance alloys in diameters from 0.001" (0.0889mm) up to 1.99" (25.4,,) on the industries widest range of packages including bobbin, carrier, coil, reel, spoil, or your custom packaging requirement. Learn more by visiting our Loos & Co., Inc. Medical Technologies Division. Alloys: 304, 304L, 304V, 316LVM, MP35n®, L605, 17-7, Copper, Cobalt & Silver Plated Copper, and more. 

  • Aeroespacial

    Our wire and cable are manufactured and processed to meet the most stringent aerospace industry requirements. "Seam Free" material can be finished with our full range of wire coatings. No other company can provide more military specification wire and cable products than the CWI family of companies. From specialty alloy bar stock for fasteners, to rescue hoist cable and flight control applications, CWI is the global leader in aerospace wire and cable product support. Most Mil-Spec products are stocked or available to quickly turn. We provide quick delivery, exceptional service, and technical knowledge to support your processing and product requirements. Our common alloys for the aerospace industry include: 302HQ, 316L, 13-8Mo, A286, Monel® 400, Monel® K500, Inconel® 600, 718, and Invar 36

  • Industrial

    With thousands of available products and configurations, we support most industrial applications, no matter the size or demand. After more than 60 years of industry experience, there are very few applications we have not seen. And for those we haven't, we have the engineering and quality staff to ensure that your next development project, your next major job, or maybe just the rush order for tomorrow's production goes off without a hitch. See all our available products and alloys for more detail. 

  • Oil + Gas

    No other market demands quite as much from its products. WI has long been a participant in the manufacturing of specialty and exotic wire grades to meet the highly demanding requirements of heat resistance, strength retention, and reliability. We understand that our oil and gas customers are simulatensouly pushing the limnigts of modern technology and battling the real life time constraints that can cost thousnads of dollars per minute. This market needs professional service and product solutions. From demister pads and welding wire to downhole slickliunes and cables for sour well monitoring, CWI offers a broad range of products to keep you on schedule no matter what the challenge. CWI alloys used in Oil and Gas industries are: 316, 17-7 PH (631), Inconel®, Inconel® 625, 718, MP35N®, X750, GD316™, GD22™ / SUPA40®, GD31Mo™ / SUPA75®, GD35Mo™, GD37Mo™, GD50™, and Supa®-GD100™.

    Petróleo + gas
  • Minería

    Our alloys combat the extreme conditions of mining and exploration. These applications require a combination of strength and exceptional corrosion resistance, especially where saltwater is involved. We provide a full range of high strength wires for solid-strand and stranded cabling applications. CWI alloys used in Mining / Exploration Industries are: 302S, 316, 317, Monel® 400, Monel® K500, Inconel® 600, Inconel® 625, MP35N®, X750, GD31Mo™ / SUPA65®. GD50™. Grades 316, 317, Alloy 50, and 904L have increased levels of molybdenum to resist pitting and surface attack. 

  • Marina

    The marine environment is the most corrosive natural environment, and CWI has the alloys to combat this environment. Protect your investments and get longer service life by using a top quality stainless or nickel alloy to avoid corrosion or wire and cable failure. We offer a wide range of marine wire and cable - from running and stayed rigging to lashing wire and larger stainless wire ropes for trawling and buoy/recovery applications. CWI alloys used in Marine Industries are 316 317 Monel®, 400 Monel®, K500 GD50™Premium alloys 400 and K-500, composed primarily of nickel and copper, are often specified for cold-formed bolts, screws, and other fasteners used in saltwater applications. These offer superior corrosion resistance with K-500 offering additional strength properties by age hardening due to the addition of aluminum. 

  • Construcción

    When there are difficult and demanding construction schedules to meet, look to us for your solution. CWI products for stainless reinforced concrete and masonry, and soil stabilization utilizing environmental mesh, architectural mesh panels. stainless nails, and more. Infrastructure investments and civil engineering projects benefit from filtration wires and mesh, as well as stainless wire ropes in hoisting and dam gate applications. CWI alloys used in the construction industry are; 302S, 304, 316, 430. 

  • Automotor

    Central Wire ofrece una serie de productos de alambre para la industria automotriz. Fabricamos alambres para resortes, sujetadores conformados en frío, alambres formadores para colgadores de sistemas de escape, alambres planos para limpiaparabrisas, componentes de alambres formados por deslizamiento, lana de acero inoxidable y otras partes complejas para usar en varios vehículos dentro y fuera de la carretera. Las aleaciones de CWI utilizadas en la industria automotriz son 302HQ, 304, 304L, 305, 316, 409, 409CB, 410, 430, 431, 434, 17-7 PH (631), A286. 





    Con 13 ubicaciones de fabricación y clientes en todo el mundo, ofrecemos soluciones y soporte sin importar dónde se encuentre. Nuestros procesos innovadores brindan a nuestros clientes el rendimiento que necesitan, independientemente de la aplicación. Con integración vertical a través de nuestras muchas ubicaciones, tenemos los controles, el conocimiento y las capacidades para fabricar la solución que necesita.

    Contáctenos hoy para productos de alambre y cable de acero inoxidable hechos a sus especificaciones.

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