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Legierung MP35N®: Vielseitigkeit, Stärke, Widerstandsfähigkeit

When searching for metal alloys to deploy in crucial applications, reliability and strength are the qualities to search for. MP35N® is an alloy that not only possesses these traits but can handle harsh environments effectively. Continue reading to discover what makes this alloy so unique and dependable, and to learn about the end-use applications it serves.  

Alloy MP35N®: Versatility, Strength and Resistance

CWI Nickel Prime Series MP35N® is a multi-phase, nickel-cobalt based alloy. With ultrahigh tensile strength similar to stainless steels, and the excellent corrosion resistance that comes with nickel alloys, it is truly the best of both worlds.    

MP35N® is a superalloy: it maintains its toughness and ductility in a range of environments from cryogenic temperatures up to 850°F (454°C) and is virtually immune to crevice and stress corrosion. 

MP35N® is highly resistant to sulfide stress corrosion cracking and provides excellent performance in the most demanding sour well environments, making it a highly sought-after alloy for oil & gas extraction.  

What Industries is MP35N® Used In?


Due to Alloy MP35N®’s high combination of tensile strength, high resistance to stress and pressure, and good corrosion resistance, Alloy MP35N® is used in industries such as:  

  • Medical and Healthcare 
  • Öl und Gas 
  • Luft- und Raumfahrt 
  • Chemische Verarbeitung 
  • Marine 
  • Automobil 
  • Sporting Goods 
  • Tooling and Machinery 


Serving these industries with strength and reliability, this nickel alloy stands the test of time. Let’s look at the specific applications where MP35N® makes its mark.  

renewable energy mp35n alloy
torsion spring
  • High-performance springs 
  • Aircraft components and structures 
  • Dental instruments and implants 
  • Fasteners and connectors 
  • Downhole gas drilling equipment 
  • Heat exchangers and reactor vessels 
  • Offshore structures and equipment 
  • Climbing gear 
  • Renewable energy components 


With these and so many more applications, MP35N® is working constantly all around us.  

Its strength and durability are what makes it a fit for aerospace, defense, and other mission critical applications. The corrosion resistance sticks out in the applications around oil and gas and marine industries, withstanding salt water and other corrosive hazards.  

Superalloy Availability

spring wire alloy mp35n
bar stock alloy mp35n

Alloy MP35N® is a stocked product at Central Wire Industries. Lead times vary based on processing required to finished form, but raw material is available at many Central Wire locations. Central Wire makes Alloy MP35N® available in the following forms:  

  • Stangenware 
  • Federdraht  
  • Drawn fine wire (.001” – .020″)  
  • Rolled Strip  
  • Shaped and Profiled wire  

Cr: 19.0-21.0%, Mo: 9.0-10.5%, Ni: 33.0-37.0% and Co: Balance per AMS 5844  

Qualifying Specifications and Standards






5758, 5844, 5845 


MR0175, MR0103 







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Alloy MP35N®: Versatility, Strength, Resistance