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All wires can be manufactured in accordance to BSEN, ASTM & NACE specifications. We are ISO approved.
You can read more about our quality certifications at: CWI Certifications page.

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CWI UK is a leading manufacturer of Round , Flat & Profile / Shaped Wires in a wide range of Stainless Steels / Super Austenitic / Duplex / Super Duplex / Nickel Alloys and other materials; all with a variety of tempers, finishes, coatings and packages.

Our CWI UK production facility in Rotherham supplies profile wire internationally to companies involved in a wide range of industries and markets.

We specialize in standard sections through to tight tolerance complex profiles.

Diameter Size Range
Round Wire: 0.50mm to 20mm (0.002" to 0.787" )
Profiled Wire: 1.25mm to 150mm CSA (Cross Sectional Area)

Presentation Available
Coils: 0.50 kgs – 1200 kgs(1.1 lbs – 2650 lbs)
Spools: 0.50 kgs – 1200 kgs(1.1 lbs – 2650 lbs)
Carriers / Formers: upto 1000 kgs(2205 lbs)
Cut Lengths: 50mm – 8000mm(2" – 315")
Centreless Ground Bar: 2.0mm – 20.0mm(0.078" – 0.787")

Special Capabilities
Hire Working : Drawing | Annealing | Cleaning | Cutting | Spooling | Rolling   In House Tool Making In House Testing Facility
CWI Group Capabilities
Vacuum Annealing   Mechanical Peeling
Chemical Descaling   Architectural Finish
Centreless Grinding   Reverse Die Shaving
Pin Grinding

Available Grades
200, 300, 400 series stainless, Super Austenitic, Duplex/Super Duplex, Nickel Alloys, Brass/Copper, Carbon/Alloy Steels, Inconel and Phos Bronze and many more that can be viewed here at CWI Alloys page




Our UK team has work hard to create equipment and processes that produce quality profile wire. We manufacture all our profiles with 100% laser inspection so dimensional accuracy is guaranteed. Spools range from 100 kgs (220 lbs) to 1200 kgs (2645 lbs). Histograms can be supplied with all profiles.

CWI UK is market leader in manufacturing:
Profile Shapes : Standard Profiles
  • CWI Rentangle Profile Shape

  • CWI Square Profile Shape

  • CWI Triangle Profile Shape

  • CWI Wedge Profile Shape

  • CWI Champher Profile Shape

  • CWI Rail  Profile Shape

  • CWI Flat Profile Shape

  • CWI Half Round Profile Shape
    Half Round

  • CWI D Profile Shape

  • CWI Double D Profile Shape
    Double D

  • CWI Oval Profile Shape

  • CWI Drop Profile Shape
    Tear Drop

  • CWI Round Profile Shape

  • CWI Poly-Rectangle 1 Profile Shape

  • CWI Poly-Rectangle 2 Profile Shape

  • CWI Irregular 2 Profile Shape
    Irregular 2

  • CWI Irregular 3 Profile Shape
    Irregular 3

  • CWI Irregular 4 Profile Shape
    Irregular 4

Profile Shapes : Non-Standard Profiles
  • CWI Interlock Profile Shape

  • CWI Concave Square Profile Shape

  • CWI Chamfer Square Profile Shape
    Chamfer Square

  • CWI Angle 1 Profile Shape
    Angle 1

  • CWI Angle 2 Profile Shape
    Angle 2

  • CWI Angle 3 Profile Shape
    Angle 3

  • CWI T Profile Shape

  • CWI Channel  Profile Shape

  • CWI Arc Profile Shape

  • CWI Irregular Helical Profile Shape

  • CWI Twin Dia Profile Shape

  • CWI Irregular 1 Profile Shape
    Irregular 1

  • CWI Irregular 5 Profile Shape
    Irregular 5

  • CWI Irregular 6 Profile Shape
    Irregular 6

  • CWI Irregular 7 Profile Shape
    Irregular 7

  • CWI Irregular 8 Profile Shape
    Irregular 8

  • CWI Irregular 9 Profile Shape
    Irregular 9

  • CWI Irregular 10 Profile Shape
    Irregular 10

  • CWI Irregular 11 Profile Shape
    Irregular 11

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Alloys: Stainless Alloys | Nickel Alloys | Specialty Alloys


We are a world leader in profile-shaped wire manufacturing. We produce stainless steel and nickel alloy round and profile wires using in-line laser measurements to guarantee dimensional accuracy. Histograms can be supplied with all profiles and all toolmaking is done in-house. Our shaped profiles are widely used in the following industries:

Medical | Welding | Oil & Gas | Engineering | Spring Industry

Our high quality profiled wires are used in the construction of Oil & Gas and Petrochemical screensnwhich are produced in a wide range of grades from 304L, and 316L to more exotics like 625, 825 and many more. Wires are manufactured to industry standards or to the customers individual requirements. We also manufacture the World renowned GD / SUPA Slickline brand


High quality Round and Profiled wires are manufactured with various finishes to meet the customer's individual requirements. Our products are Used in many different architectural designs, on both the inside and outside of buildings, from standard woven panels to more complex profiled grated sections.


We deliver the most demanding products on the market today – from standard round wire anchors to complex profiled fixtures . We work closely with our customers, tailoring their specific needs, to achieve the best possible outcome. We offer variety of grades from standard Austenitic Steels to Super Austenitic and Duplex materials.


Spring wire is manufactured in the UK and other CWI sites across North America. We have an enviable reputation for quality and offer a wide range of grades and sizes to meet international standards. Grade offered include EN10270-3, BS2056, ASTM A313, AMS5678F and now AS9100 from our facility in California.


We offer a wide range of products and services and meet most demands such as high quality free machining wires (escomatic wires) with smooth surface finishes and tight tolerances as well as specialised and complex profiled sections such as those used in the automotive industry.


We supply both round and profiled wires to very demanding specifications, in accordance with the stringent standards required for this industry. Typical materials are 304, 304L, 316L, 316LVM and many more.

Our wires are used in many different applications from water filtration, mining and aggregate processing right through to the food and brewing Industry. Our products are available in a comprehensive range of materials and mechanical properties, and are engineered to meet your specific demand.

Our wires are used in environments where extreme high temperatures are the norm. Grades supplied include 304 and 316, heat resistant grades such as 310 and 314 aas well as Nickel Alloy grades. Our products are used in many industries such as food processing and the heat treatment / plating of industrial components use our profile/shaped wire. 


We manufacture MIG / TIG and SUB- ARC wires in a wide range of materials. Stainless Steel, Nickel Alloy, Duplex and Super Duplex grades are available, visit CWI WELDINGfor more details.

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