Introducing our evolutionary CWI Generation4   specialty alloy Welding Products. Manufactured in Canada, USA and the UK. Highest quality stainless, nickel, cobalt and copper welding wire.

  • Solid continuous MIG welding wires with excellent physical characteristics to allow for easy feed ability.

  • Highest quality raw materials for welding wire products ensure customer satisfaction.

  • Specialty CWI welding consumables manufactured to support many welding applications.

  • Innovative CWI technology for many diverse industrial applications where weld quality is critical.
  • ISO 9001:2015 registered company and 11 manufacturing locations in USA, Canada and Europe, Stocks held worldwide.

  • Welding products are supplied with a certificate of conformance stating physical and mechanical properties including alloy chemistry.

  • All welding products are manufactured to have their own unique lot identification number for full lot traceability.
  • Many GEN4 stainless, nickel, cobalt & copper welding wire grades are Canadian Welding Bureau (CWB) Certified.

As one of North America’s largest and most highly regarded drawers of specialty wire, has the advantage of financial, technical, and operational resources on a global basis.
CWI produces its Generation4 ™ / Gen4 ™ welding wire and welding consumables in Canada, USA and The UK; and supports its sales and marketing activities with strategically located warehouse locations throughout the world.

Our CWI Welding Alloys transform into MIG, TIG and SUB-ARC Welding Technologies

CWI MIG Welding

CWI MIG ( Metal Inert Gas ) weld many types of metals: carbon steel, stainless steel, cobalt, nickel,copper, aluminum, silicon bronze, magnesium & other alloys. This process offers good productivity due to high deposition rates.

Dia: .023" .030" .035" .045" 1/16"
  0.60mm 0.70mm 0.90mm 1.14mm 1.60mm

Spools: 2lb(0.907Kg) to 350lb(158.75Kg)

CWI TIG Welding

CWI TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) is a weld process capable of producing the highest quality welds and control. It is the process of choice for pipe roots and other difficult weld joint configurations. It is widely used for weld overlay due to good dilution control.

Dia: 1/16" 3/32" 1/8" 5/32" 3/16"
  1.60mm 2.40mm 3.20mm 4.00mm 4.76mm

Tubes: 10 lb(4.53Kg) or Bulk Packaging: 400lb(181.43 Kg)


CWI SUB ARC (submerged arc welding) welding has deep weld penetration. Minimal welding fume or weld flash is emitted. No edge preparation is necessary depending on joint configuration and required penetration.

Dia: 5/64" 3/32" 1/8" 5/32"
  2.00mm 2.40mm 3.20mm 4.00mm

Coils : 60lb(27.21Kg) & 120lb(54.43Kg)


CWI Generation4 ™ / CWI Gen4 ™
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