Engineering cable assembly solutions for critical applications.

Our sales and engineering teams always put our customers' need first, helping you select the best design and materials for your requirements and providing the industry's fastest turnaround times.

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Sanlo is a leading design and manufacturer of custom mechanical cable assemblies in a wide variety of both uncoated-bare and thermoplastic coatings, also including other specialized coatings.

Our Sanlo production facility in Michigan City, IN, USA supplies custom design and engineering services, rapid prototyping and product launch internationally to companies involved in a wide range of industries and markets.

Cable Diameter Size Range
Stainless Steel Cable: .018” to 3/4”
Galvanized Steel Cable: 1/32” to 1”
Thermoplastics Extrusion (Vinyl and Nylon): over 1" - 1/8"

Presentation Available
Cut Lengths
Custom Assembled: To your exact specifications.

Product Categories
Strand, Aircraft Cable, & Wire Rope :
Galvanized Steel and Stainless Steel
Thermoplastics Extrusion Coatings:
Galvanized Steel: Vinyl and Nylon coating.
Stainless Steel: Vinyl and Nylon coating.
( coating colors available to match your requirements. )
Wire Rope Terminals, Custom Assemblies & Lanyards:
Threaded Studs, Eye End, Fork End, Ball & Single-Double Shanks, Strap-Fork End, Strap-Eye End.
Lanyards : Stainless Steel and Galvanized Steel Lanyards; Eye-Eye, Loop-Eye, Loop-Loop and Loop-Loop-Tab.
Fittings and Tools:
Compression Sleeves (Ferrules): Aluminum, Zinc Plated Copper.
Stops: Zinc Plated Copper
Thimbles: Carbon Steel and 100-Stainless Steel
Rope Clips: Malleable Iron.
Cable Cutters and Crimp Tools

Made In America Cable & Engineered Cable Assemblies When You Need It.

Sanlo can provide "made and melted in America" cable thanks to its Florida based sister company Strand Core . Its engineered cable assemblies can also meet "Made In USA" requirements via Strand Core cable and "Made in USA" sourced fittings.
Sanlo's American sourced materials and its Indiana based manufacturing facility can help ensure your supply chain meets the Buy American Act or the Buy America Act when needed.


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