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Central Wire Industries is “Drawing on Innovation”

CWI has the widest range of alloys for your "mission critical" applications.

With 11 manufacturing locations in 3 countries and over 60 years of excellence, CWI is a market leader’ having the widest range of high performance specialty alloys in nickel, stainless and red metal. We manufacture Ultra-Fine Wire, Shaped / Profile Wire, Wire Rope / Strands in the widest range of finishes and packaging available on the market today.

We will continue our commitment to provide high quality products with outstanding service.

CWI Centres of Excellence

North America
  • Ottawa

  • Toronto

  • Charlotte

  • Houston

  • Chicago

  • Little Rock

  • Los Angeles

  • Milwaukee

Medical Wire, Strands and Wire Ropes, Profile / Shape Wire, Resistance Wire, Fine Wire, Slicklines/Wirelines, Spring Wire, Resistance Wire, Aerospace Alloys.


  • CWI Sanlo in Michigan City

Sanlo is engineering wire rope and custom mechanical cable assemblies with reliable, cost effective solutions to an ever-increasing array of applications in a wide range of industries. Sanlo provides products, including galvanized steel and stainless steel cable, nylon, vinyl, and various other extruded resins, and finished goods with numerous assembly configurations. Visit Sanlo.com

  • CWI Strand Core in Pensacola

Strand Core is a leading DOMESTIC manufacturer of commercial and mil-spec strand, wire rope, and wire rope assemblies in a variety of alloys including stainless, galvanized, bright, cobalt, copper, brass, inconel and phos bronze. We also manufacture Medical Products, such as assemblies for baskets and snares, wire and strands used in endoscopic, orthodontic, orthopedic, and spinal procedures.


  • CWI UK in Sheffield

CWI UK is global leader in Profile / Shape Wire manufacturing. We specialize in very high quality Nickel, Nichrome, Nitronic, Cobalt, Stainless Steel, Hastelloy and Inconel alloys.
CWI UK uses in-line laser measurements to guarantee dimensional accuracy, and provides in-house toolmaking for custom orders.

BSEN, ASTM & NACE specifications. We are ISO approved.



CWI History
  • 1955

    Central Wire was founded in 1955 to manufacture fine diameter red metal wire used in the weaving of fourdrinier fabric for the paper industry and later developing expertise in stainless steel fine wire.

  • 1966

    In 1966 the company was acquired by Albany International Inc. In 1979 senior management and an investor group purchased CWI back. Capitalizing on a half century of expertise in the manufacturing specialized wire products.

  • 1989

    Central Wire acquired an additional plant located in Dumas, Arkansas. Operations were further strengthened in 1998 with the purchase of a facility in Lancaster, South Carolina.

  • 2003

    In January 2003 CWI announced the acquisition of the Greening Donald stainless steel wire plant located in Erin Ontario. This facility is world renowned for their quality and selection of wire line products, the "GD Wirelines /SLicklines".

  • 2005

    In February 2005 The Central Wire Group was formed with the acquisition of the Techalloy Company creating the largest re-drawer of stainless steel and nickel alloy wire in North America. Techalloy was the leading manufacturer of stainless steel and nickel alloy wire in the United States with major product lines including spring wire, cold heading wire and forming wire and a significant supplier to the automotive and aerospace industries.

  • 2006

    In November 2006 the manufacturing plants and operations of Techalloy and Central Wire merged into the single entity Central Wire. The welding product line of Central Wire and Techalloy were combined into a new brand known as Techalloy Welding Products.

  • 2008

    In September 2008 Central Wire acquired the bar grinding, polishing and ferric annealing operations from Hitachi Metals

  • 2010

    In January 2010 Central Wire strengthened their market position further by acquiring the wire rod annealing and pickling operation from Charter Steel located in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin.

  • 2011

    CWI sold the welding division and continued to build and strengthen their production in other areas.

  • 2012

    In 2012 a new Senior Management Team was formed.

  • 2014

    Central Wire purchased the assets and business interests of Strand Core Inc., located in Milton, Florida. Strand Core manufactures MIL-Spec and commercial stranded cable, wire rope and rope assemblies in a variety of stainless steel and carbon grades. More information about CWI Stand Core Inc is on website www.strandcore.com

  • 2015

    In March 2015, Central Wire acquired Hempel Wire Limited, a manufacturer and distributor of stainless and nickel alloy wire, located in Rotherham, United Kingdom.

    This acquisition brought together three well known and respected names as Hempel had recently purchased certain trademarks, trade names, and intellectual property from Fox Wire Limited in neighboring Sheffield.

    Included in this transaction were the rights to the SUPA family of alloys, including SUPA 75, a well-known and long-standing leader in oil and gas industry applications. More information about the Central Wire UK is on website www.centralwire.co.uk

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